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AC panels for Porsche – principles of air conditioning system

There are many automotive elements that make driving more comfortable and being in the vehicle extremely nice. One of them is air conditioning, which would not be able to function properly without AC panels for Porsche. In older models of sports cars, you will most often encounter manual air conditioning, controlled by special knobs and an analog version. However, this does not mean that this type of air conditioning is inconvenient. Get to know all the advantages and possibilities of manual and analog air conditioning and learn how your car can guarantee you a temperature that will make your journey easy and enjoyable.

How does manual air conditioning work?

It might seem that manual air conditioning is being forgotten in favour of automatic air conditioning, which is included in newer cars. Nothing could be more wrong. Manual air conditioning analog and manual air conditioning are mostly found in older sports car models – especially those whose age is already written in two digits. To get to know the exact functioning of car air conditioning, you should look inside it. There you will find a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. Air temperature change is possible thanks to the air conditioning compressor and condenser, as the refrigerant moves in a closed circuit to the radiator. Air changes its state of aggregation in the condenser – it becomes a liquid. The entire cycle ends in the evaporator. This is where the temperature of the air changes just before appearing in the car.

Analog air conditioning in old Porsche models

In the classic Porsche models, which are greatly appreciated, there is an analog control. In the case of the G-model, it is done with 3 sliders, and in the 964 and 993 models, with 2 knobs and 2 sliders. The way the air conditioning is controlled in a Porsche depends on the car you choose. It is also worth mentioning that the AC panel in 964 and 933 is not controllable because it is connected to the control unit. It can be said that Porsche opted for an easy computer system – the AC panel resembles a mouse and a keyboard, and the control unit is like a computer that controls everything.

AC panels for Porsche, which can be found in old cars, may be complicated and cause problems for owners. However, there are new solutions available on the market. Just change the old AC front panel to a new, modernized one that has received a completely new design. Such a product is extremely intuitive and its operation does not cause any difficulties. And most importantly – it does not affect the car vibe.

Advantages of car analog air conditioning

In fact, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. However, let’s focus on the best sides car analog air conditioning because it is what old models of sports cars are equipped with. Who would pay attention to small detail, such as disadvantages, when driving a car with a fantastic visual effect? Probably no one. Manual car air conditioning has many advantages – one of them is the designer AC panel for Porsche, which has its own personal charm. What other good points does this type of air conditioning have?

  • Possibility of replacing the old panel with a newer and more practical version,
  • unique design emphasizing the age of the car, 
  • individual/permanent manual settings,
  • good price while maintaining good quality and functionality.

Aren’t such advantages convincing enough? If not, then you should know that the AC panel can be replaced and adjusted to the interior of the car at any time so that it fits perfectly into the whole.

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