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A Guide to Repair PowerPoint Files


It might be terrible if an essential PowerPoint file becomes corrupted or ruined. Don’t worry; this PowerPoint repair guide will teach you how to repair a PowerPoint file in no time. If you’ve tried all of the manual techniques in this post and still can’t get your PowerPoint files to work, it’s time to attempt Wondershare Repairit to Repair PowerPoint File. The application is available for free download.

The most challenging issue to resolve in a PowerPoint file is corruption, which might jeopardize your crucial presentation, however, because damaged PowerPoint presentations may be fixed in a variety of methods.

This article also explains how to fix damaged PowerPoint presentation files manually and use a powerful PowerPoint repair tool. As a result, read the text and select the best solution for repairing a damaged PowerPoint presentation.

The causes of PowerPoint file corruption:

This section looks at the numerous causes why your PowerPoint presentation may get damaged and provides a simple repair.

Copying and pasting formatted text into slides:

Do not replicate the original formatting to the new document if you use text content from another presentation. If there were any problems in the actual design, these would be transmitted to the new slides. Your.ppt files may be corrupted as a result of such issues. To avoid this, always paste unformatted material copied from other presentations.

Shutting down your computer while your PowerPoint presentation is running:

If your computer’s power supply is turned off while your presentation runs, the file may become damaged. Some modifications may be lost if you don’t save them. The answer to this issue is to ensure that your presentation is closed before turning off your computer. When shutting down a computer, follow the prescribed steps. To avoid unexpected power outages, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan.

Downloading files with a lousy internet connection:

If your internet connection is unreliable, PowerPoint files might become damaged when downloading. Check your internet connection if you can’t access your downloaded PowerPoint file, and you’re sure the source document is acceptable. To ensure that your file gets downloaded safely, it is quick and stable.

Common ways to repair PowerPoint files:

PowerPoint File Corruption errors are unexpected and might strike at any time. Approximately half of the time, you can repair corrupt PowerPoint 2007 file. Try these solutions to see if you can find the source of your Damaged PowerPoint file problem.

Transfer the Corrupt PowerPoint Presentation to a Different Location:

If you are attempting to access a PPT file located on an external hard drive or portable storage device, transfer the file to your computer’s internal hard drive and then open it.

If the corrupted presentation file is already on the hard disk, transfer it to another device (ideally an external drive) and open it. While moving the file, make sure to share any inserted photos, videos, or other media assets from your PowerPoint presentation.

This method aims to bypass any storage device corruption difficulties that may be stopping you from accessing the PowerPoint file. If the storage location/drive where the PPT file is saved is corrupted, the following will resolve the issue.

Start PowerPoint in Safe Mode:

Opening the PowerPoint application in Safe Mode may resolve your issue because the app begins with fewer (no) capabilities such as add-ins, extensions, customizations, and so on in Safe Mode.

  • Go to the Start menu and hit the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
  • Enter powerpoint/safe and press OK.
  • Open the faulty presentation file.

If your presentation file opens or operates smoothly in safe mode, it appears that add-ins, extensions, or custom settings in PowerPoint are interfering with the application’s operation. So, go through PowerPoint Options and troubleshoot as needed.

Insert the slides from the corrupt presentation into the new file:

This is one of the simplest and most promising methods for dealing with incorrect PowerPoint presentations. You may copy the slides from the corrupted or damaged PowerPoint presentation and paste them into a new blank file without opening the broken PPT.

How to repair PowerPoint files with Repairit:

Your PowerPoint presentation can still be ruined even if you take all the essential measures. If this occurs, the Wondershare repairit PowerPoint Recovery application can assist you in repair PowerPoint file. This application has the advantage of working with all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. It also aids in the retrieval of slides and associated material. The program offers a straightforward user interface that does not need further training. As a result, inexperienced users may utilize it just as effectively as seasoned users.

Step 1: Open Wondershare Repairit and import your files:

  • To begin, launch Wondershare Repairit on your PC and navigate to the File Repair option.
  • Once you press the “Add” option, a browser window will open, allowing you to navigate to the damaged repair addendum wording file’s location. The user can pick many documents and upload them all at once to the tool.
  • The application boasts a filter that notifies you if you upload any incompatible format. When you select the files, the application begins uploading them and displays the status on the screen.
  • If you accidentally uploaded the wrong file, you may quickly remove it by clicking the Trash symbol next to the file information.

Step 2: Begin the file repair process by doing the following:

  • To begin the repair process, pick the “Repair” option at the bottom once the documents have been submitted.
  • The program will begin scanning the loaded documents and resolving any issues.
  • It will also show the status of the repair procedure on the screen. Furthermore, the program will inform you of the quality of files that are being scanned, waiting to be fixed, or have already been completed.
  • On the screen, a relevant prompt appears, displaying the number of files that have been fixed.
  • In addition, if the repair addendum wording file is severely corrupted and cannot be corrected, the application will warn you. You may then contact the expert to gain access to your paper.

Step 3: Preview and save the files that have been repaired:

  • Before exporting the document, click the “Preview” option to examine the corrected file. If everything seems good, click the “Save” button to save the file to the location you specified.

  • To export all fixed files at once, click the “Save All” option in the bottom panel.
  • You may optionally choose the place where you should save your repaired files.
  • The utility informs you of the number of files being exported.

Why Use WonderShare Repairit?

Wondershare Repairit Software is the most acceptable PowerPoint repair solution for repairing damaged PowerPoint files. In seconds, it can improve the damage and recover the entire contents of the damaged PPTX file.

Features of Repairit

  • This repair tool works with DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, and PDF files.
  • The batch processing tool allows you to fix many file types at once.
  • If you accidentally inserted a file, you can delete it or remove it.
  • If you upload an incompatible file format, the program will notify you.
  • The program also shows the status of the file that is being fixed, scanned, or waiting to be repaired.

Cons of WonderShare Repairit:

Experts have yet to identify any significant flaws in this application because it was designed specifically for file repair, and it accomplishes it with great ease and without problems. Nonetheless, here are a few:

  • There are no options for customization.
  • You can’t recover large files in the trial version.

Final Words

If the PPTX file is corrupted, creating a new PowerPoint presentation takes a long time and may not be possible in many circumstances. As a result, the PowerPoint mentioned earlier; file repair resolution solutions might assist you in such situations. You will be able to effortlessly update presentations utilizing all of the options discussed above without losing any of the slides created with a lot of effort and creativity. So, to open your faulty PPTX file and give your presentation without interruption, utilize any of the preceding alternatives. is Get The Latest Fashion website. At One Place like Arts Culture, Movies, entertainment, Technology, Travel and Fitness and health news here  and


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