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7 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your PDF Files to PDF/A

In the continuous advancement of technology, the digital world is also taking its place as one of the most used platforms for saving important and confidential documents. The paperless system is being widely used as it will not only be convenient and hassle-free to sending and receiving files, but it will also allow you to store your files for a long time without compromising both quality and content. 

One of the universally used file formats for saving and storing files is the PDF/A file format. It is a type of file format that ensures to keep your files content and quality even after many years to come. Plus, with the existence of an online converter tool online, it will be much easier to convert any PDF file to PDF/A format. That is why if you’re looking for any file format to keep your files, opting to convert and save it into PDF/A format is the best way of storing it for a long time. Here are even the top 7 reasons you should convert a PDF file to PDF/A format.

PDF/A Abides by ISO Standards

Opting to convert your PDF to PDFA format is a great choice as this file format has been recognized as an ISO standard way back in October 2005. It is created to meet all the requirements when it comes to long-term saving and storing files. This file format is even used by many industries worldwide to keep their important and confidential documents.

The PDF/A standard, together with the availability of numerous online converter and reader tools (such as the PDFBear, a preferred use tool by many), ensures the readability of your PDF/A file even in the future. Plus, the PDF/A format has been in constant change and improvement for the past years, making it one of the most established file formats to store and keep any document for a long time.

PDF/A file Is Universally Used and Accepted

One great feature of PDF/A is that it is being widely used and accepted file format to share and send to others. It is even a highly recommended file format to use in Europe and Asia, a required and legislated format for storing and keeping important documents for a long time. Many organizations, institutions, corporations, and even several governments prefer to use PDF/A file format for long-term archiving.

Moreover, it is also accepted as one file format used in North America and recommended to be utilized in libraries and jurisdiction areas as the standard of storing files for the long term.

Standardized Metadata Is Embedded Directly Into PDF/A files

Another notable feature that PDF/A offers is that all essential data to describe and characterize a certain document (known as ‘metadata’) is being embedded directly to PDF/A files in a standardized, convertible format XMP, an open XML standard. Metadata of other file formats such as PostScript, PND, or TIFF can be simply and efficiently converted to PDF/A files.

PDF/A Files Are Fully Text-Searchable

One standard that PDF/A has to offer is that anyone can do a full-text search on PDF/A file. The entire text of digitally generated content is saved, stored, and preserved in the files. When converting PDF to PDF/A, the latter file format saves both the original scanned image and the recognized text like Unicode, which only means it retains all the visual appearance and content of your file and permits the availability of search function.

PDF/A Preserves and Retains File Quality and Content

PDF/A file format is always known as self-contained, which means all essential elements like font, color profiles, etc., for good and authentic reproduction are included in the PDF/A file. No need for you to worry about your file. Once you convert PDF to PDF/A, it guarantees to retain the entire content of the documents and preserve their quality. But of course, it is all possible with the help of a reliable converter tool like PDFBear (mentioned above)

On the other hand, any reference to resources or external content is not included in the PDF/A file, but simple information references such as a link direct to a particular web page are allowed.

PDF/A Saves Space

One great thing about PDF/a file is that it only comes with a smaller size because of efficient compression algorithms, even though it contains more data than images like TIFF. When you’re going to save hundreds of files for future use purposes, opting to convert it to PDF/A file format is definitely a great choice to save so much space on your computer. You will not be worrying anymore about where to keep your files because of how big their sizes are, because converting your document to PDF/A file format will preserve its quality and better content and reduce the file size.

Provides Optimum Security With Digital Signatures

PDF/A and digital signatures are a perfect combination to secure and verify that any of your PDF/A files are not tampered with, modified, or changed, ensuring that it is always an authentic copy of your documents. This way, it offers an optimal legal security feature, which is ideal for the long-term archiving of your important documents. No need to feel worried if someone might have access to your files as it is already secured, and you, the owner, will only be the one who can access your file, regardless of course, if you let others open it.


Whenever saving important and confidential documents for future use, it is essential to opt for a file format that will preserve the quality of your file. The PDF/A is one of the most preferred use file formats today because it is proven to be useful for long-term archiving without compromising the content of your documents. It can also be achieved with the help of a reliable converter tool that can help you change PDF to PDF/A for a quick and efficient process. As there are many online converter tools accessible for free, we recommend using PDFBear, one of the most-used PDF tools today.

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