6 Secret Benefits of Autoinjector Training Device

An autoinjector is a device for self-injection. With the strides made in the medical field, it is now possible to inject yourself with prescribed drugs. Currently, the self-injecting medicines are to be used in emergency cases only. They are used to immediately treat migraine, anaphylaxis, chronic illnesses such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

These devices are essential to ensure the immediate administration of drugs in emergencies. They also ensure accurate dosage and make self-administration of medications easy. Autoinjectors are a revelation to the medical field. This is why it is vital to ensure those who use them are well trained. Below we highlight six benefits of autoinjector Training.

1.    To Know How to Administer the Drug

Drugs are administered either through the intramuscular or the intravenous route. Currently, autoinjectors are only administered through the intramuscular way. This means one injects themselves in the muscle. They are pretty easy to use, but the mechanisms developed by different manufacturers means they vary in how they are used. It is essential to know how to operate the autoinjector.

2.    To Know When to Administer the Drug

Autoinjectors are usually used in emergency cases. Cases such as where one has suffered a severe allergic reaction require immediate intervention to save the patient. The allergic reaction usually blocks the airwaves and makes it hard to breathe. Autoinjectors for such cases are typically filled with adrenaline that opens up the airwaves and is injected into the muscle for immediate effect. This is why it is essential to be trained to identify such situations to save someone’s life.

3.    To Know Where to Administer the Drug

Administration of drugs through an autoinjector is usually affected by several factors preventing it from being delivered into the muscle effectively. The angle of the skin and part of the skin the drug is being administered affects it being given effectively. This is why it is essential to get training on where each drug is administered on the body.

4.    To Gain Experience of Using the Device

Using an autoinjector might look easy, but under the tense circumstance you might need to use it may be more challenging. When you undergo autoinjector device training, you will get to use that device repeatedly until you familiarize yourself with it. This will make it easy to use when the time comes, even under tense circumstances.

5.    To Get a Chance to Ask Any Questions to the Experts

Training using an autoinjector device will give you a chance to ask any questions you might have about the device, drug and how to use it.

6.    To Get rid of Fears and Anxiety of Self-injection

Self-injection still gives people fears as they would not want to cause themselves more harm than good. Others are still scared of needles. Training will help you get over those anxieties and ensure you do not panic when using it in actual life situations.


A study conducted by Brown et al. in 2013 showed 15% of mothers found it difficult to use an autoinjector on their children successfully. This is evidence enough that training in using an autoinjector device is as necessary as the device itself. If not used properly, it will be of no use to the drug recipient.

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