5 Best Stock Analytics App Every Trader Must Try

The stock market is quite volatile. As a trader, you must stay updated every minute. To earn a huge amount of profit, you cannot miss out on any market movement. A contemporary stock market trader keeps tabs on the movement of the stocks, its ups, and downs, on a daily basis and sometimes even hourly. So, in this article, we are featuring the top 5 best stock analytics app every trader must have to choose the perfect stock at the right time.

When you begin to trade in the stock market, stock market technical analysis apps are essential. These apps help you to correct the stock trend and also the entry as well as the exit points. Moreover, with these apps, you can create your virtual portfolio, stream real-time market prices, draw stock charts, and do a myriad of other things. With high-speed internet and nifty mobile apps, stock analysis has become efficient and lucid.

So, to make your stock analysis and stock research easier, we have listed the best stock market analysis app. Before we get into the stock market apps, we will give you a sneak peek at what is stock analysis. Hence, let’s not waste any more time and get started.

What is stock analysis?

Stock analysis is basically the evaluation of the market as a whole or a particular trading instrument. The stock analysis attempts to determine the future trend or movement of a stock or the share market. It is a way by which traders can make effective buying and selling decisions. Traders, through stock analysis, study and evaluate past and current data and gain an edge in the market by making well-planned decisions. The best stock analytics app will help you to make these wise decisions even more promptly.

There are two types of stock analysis namely, fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis emphasizes on data from sources, which include financial statements, economic reports, market share, and company assets. If traders want to conduct fundamental analysis on an organization, they have to analyse an organization’s financial statements like balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income statement.

On the contrary, the technical analysis concentrates on the study of present and past price actions for predicting the probability for future price movements. Technical analysts examine the financial market and chiefly the volume and price, and the demand and supply factors that affect the market movement. Stock market charts are a crucial tool for technical analysts. In the list below, we have also featured the best app for stock chart analysis.

5 best stock analytics app

1. MoneyControl

Every one who is related to the financial world knows about MoneyControl. It is one of the top stock market news apps and also provides technical analysis on the stock listed on the share market. Even though the app is basic, it has a wealth of updates and information. With this app, you can easily keep track of national as well as international share market news.

The MoneyControl app tracks mutual funds, currencies, commodities, options, futures, stocks, and indices (Sensex and nifty). Not just that, you get to see interviews from senior executives and all-day coverage of economic, business, and stock market news. The app will also provide you with the latest quotes on F&O, stocks, mutual funds, commodities, and currencies from NSE, BSE, NCDEX, and MCX.

You can also easily manage your portfolio and you will be updated on the success of your portfolio. You can also keep track of your ULIP, mutual fund, stock, and bullion portfolio. To ace in the field and obtain suggestions, follow the top boundaries and your favourite subjects. Not just that, engage and participate in conversations regarding your area of interest and your portfolio.

2. StockEdge

StockEdge is a requisite stock analytics app for every Indian trader and investor. With this app, traders and investors can make their money-making decisions all by themselves that to with utmost precision. This app provides you with end-of-day analytics, alerts, and visualizations.

The most exciting feature of this app is its scans. It provides opportunity scans like price scans, last month high and low, 52 weeks high and low, last week high and low, 3 days price behaviour. If you are exclusively targeting main market trading, then simply visit the Everyday Reports Section that includes NSE and BSE Corporate Announcements, news, corporate actions, upcoming events, and many other things.

When you visit the MyInvestorGroup option, you will be able to keep an eye on what the top Investors are up to. Moreover, you can also establish your personal group of investors with various entities and names.

StockEdge is also the best app for stock chart analysis. Charting is extremely essential while you make trading decisions. You get sophisticated charting solutions that enhance your trading techniques. StockEdge provides Edge charts, a powerful advanced tool and you can plot charts for both BSE and NSE ranging from a year to 5 years with the help of the scans. Not just experienced traders and investors, beginners who have minimal or no knowledge of the share market love to use StockEdge as it displays stock market information in a lucid and comprehensive way.

Nonetheless, StockEdge is a notable and best stock analytics app that offers you essential tools for conducting technical research, derivatives research, and fundamental research in an easy framework.

3. Economic Times (ET) Markets

This is another one of the best stock analytics apps. ET Markets provide the best latest news and are regularly used by stock market investors and traders. It is also a well-organized app and very systematic to use.

ET Markets empower and inspire business entrepreneurs and executives in the economic development pursuit. You obtain share values by using refined technical charting and following NSE Nifty and BSE Sensex live charts. Besides that, follow intraday trading tips and real-time stock quotations. Just like other apps, you get personalized insights, opinions, analysis, and statistics. With just a single swipe, you can easily create, access, consult, and monitor your portfolio. Moreover, in just one place you get NAVs, SIP calculator, fund analysis, and mutual fund news.


This is a global financial stock markets platform. You will get updates and information for national as well as international indexes and stock exchanges. In 44 languages and 250 exchanges, you receive real-time prices, charts, data, financial tools, analysis, and breaking news.

This platform provides you with cutting-edge financial tools that include real-time quotations and notifications. You can create a personalized watchlist and significantly keep track of ETFs, share quotations, indices, commodities, and bonds. offers you over 3,00,000 financial instruments, and tailored portfolios, calendars, financial insights, calculators, and notifications. This is an excellent platform to keep note of worldwide stock market news and trends.

5. MarketsMojo

It is another one of the best technical analysis apps. It is an unbiased equities research platform. MarketsMojo was originally founded financial investment Big Data Analysis-based platform. It provides traders with impartial information and comprehensive coverage of all publicly traded organizations.

MarketsMojo provides investors and traders with pre-analyzed data on news, stocks, price movements, finance, technical analysis, and broker suggestions. To assist you in smarter investing decisions, MarketsMojo provides you with buy or hold or sell recommendations for four thousand stocks. So, you can easily figure out your preferable stock.

Nonetheless, they also provide statistics on Management Quality and Business Quality as well as various aspects such as Capital Structure and Growth. It also provides Financial Trend and predicts a firm’s near-term success by analysing its data over the past few quarters. Not just that, it also provides the volume and price momentum of the firm.

Bottom Line

With advanced technology and handy mobile apps, mobile trading is becoming extremely popular. Traders and investors are looking for the best stock analytics app that offers the best features and allows them to make huge profits with minimal risks in the market. By downloading any of the above 5 apps, you can also win the stock market race.

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