Technology5 Advantages of cryptocurrency you should know


5 Advantages of cryptocurrency you should know

Cryptocurrency is digital currency that is replacing the use of traditional methods of exchange like cash, bank transactions and use of credit and debit cards. Cryptocurrency investors can enjoy using this transparent method of transacting that is backed up by blockchain technology for ledger keeping. When trading in cryptocurrency online, you should choose a good dealer to guide you and better yet, ensure you are using a quality bitcoinera trading platform You can use bitcoin cash phone number to get support. With the popularity of cryptocurrency as a form of payment increasing, check out below some of the reasons investors have for engaging in the purchase and selling of cryptocurrency today.

Asset transfers 

The blockchain can best be described as a large ledger for all cryptocurrency transactions that happen around the world. This makes cryptocurrency ideal for two parties agreeing on a contract for instance sell or purchase of property. Considering that you have full custody of your account, you can even include third party in your transaction documenting the time and date of the transactions as such you can alleviate the time wastage which is very common with the sale and transfer of ownership for sources especially if third party institutions like banks were involved.

Let’s go over how to Buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in the most secure manner possible, from the comfort and security of your own home or office.


When using most fiat payment options, your transaction records can be open books for credit agencies and banks to look at. This will involve a number of discrepancies that you would rather not deal with at the moment for instance revealing your bank account and transaction history. There are no such demands when you use cryptocurrency for your transactions. The push basis besides allow you to send the exact amount the recipient should be getting and no excess and that is why it allows for a discreet exchange among two transacting parties. Since your financial history is guarded, you can stop worrying about theft for both your identity and finances unlike the traditional means of exchange that could leave you vulnerable and expose your details.

Reasonable transaction fees

It is undoubtedly irritating to have to fathom the high transaction costs that banks impose on investors for basic transactions. When you transact a lot, the amount charged for transaction can be way higher than you expect especially for traditional transactions. The people who mine bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency online often get compensated by the responsible crypto network involved and this means that no fees apply. That is what makes transactions much better with digital currencies than the traditional option. The possibility of high of high transaction fee is also imminent but to those that transact a lot of involved third parties in the different transactions they handle. 

Trade internationally 

Luckily for everyone that adores the use of crypto currency because its popularity with businesses around the world is improving fast. There are numerous malls and hotels that allow customers to pay with various forms of crypto currency and that can be ideal for supporting the growth of this digital form of payment. International trades are now a possibility without having to travel or document your expenses with any institution or government. The best part is that your transactions are not subject to interest rates, charges on transactions and other exchange rate challenges that people experience when buying stuff or paying for services from abroad. Thanks to the Peer to Peer transaction and agreements, one can easily transact in crypto currency minus currency exchange fluctuation issues that people experience from time to time when using traditional currencies

. Full control of your money 

Believe it or not trusting third party institutions with your money can leave you frustrated in the event when you have urgent and pressing concerns. It is only ideal that you choose a form of currency that gives flexibility with your currency. If you need to withdraw large sums of money from the bank without a reason, you might be stopped and even questioned. You eliminate such concerns by having bitcoin currency which you can decide to use however you want and wherever you want without looking over your shoulders to explain yourself to the authorities. Even though critics say this supports criminal activities, it is still the best way to enjoy having money without conforming to the rules that institutions place on your account.

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