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4 Questions To Always Ask Your Plumber In Bondi


For anyone living on the east coast of Sydney, there can always be a little trepidation when looking for a plumber in Bondi that will get the job done to a satisfying end. There are a number of people to choose from after all, and for every decent plumber in Bondi, there’s around 4-5 that just won’t get the job done well enough.

So, how best to differentiate between a good and a bad plumber in Bondi? Well, that is what this article is all about. We’ve collated data and information from a number of sources that detail a few of the ways that people can discern the quality of a prospective plumber in Bondi through a few select questions that cover their experience and overall ability.

Keep these questions in mind as you search for your next plumber in Bondi – and never be afraid to ask the right questions to ensure you have the results you want and a professional you can trust.

4 Questions To Always Ask Your Plumber In Bondi

1) Are Your Services Available 24 Hours?

This is one of the more important questions to ask your prospective plumber in Bondi as you never do know when an emergency can happen. Pipes bursting in the middle of the night, a sudden leak or even a blockage can cause undue headaches if left to its own devices. Asking them this simple question will allow you to determine what type of service you are likely to receive and the speed in which you’ll get a response in a pinch.

2) Have You Dealt With My Type Of Building & Plumbing Before?

Asking this question will tell you more than just their suitability for your particular building. It will also give you an insight into their experience in general. Over time, an experienced plumber in Bondi will see a number of different issues and building types, from old-school colonial to modern/contemporary and logically should have a large enough skillset to deal with anything and everything you can imagine.

3) Are You Insured & Accredited?

A vital question to ask is that of insurance and accreditations. No one wants an accident to happen of course, but on the off chance that there is an occurrence like this there are certain precautions and assurances you’d want as a consumer. The insurance covers not only the health and safety of the workers and inhabitants of the home, but also of the work being done. Bonus points go to the plumber in Bondi that is able to offer guarantees on their work.

4) Are You Able To Give Me A Quote Upfront?

Finally, the age-old question of money is inevitably going to come up. The best tradespeople often have a free quote embedded into their business practice and it is a good practice to have. Knowing the rough estimate of costs upfront is a great way to ensure that you’re not going to be staunched over pricing later on.

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