SportsWhat is the Purpose of Sports Broadcasting?

What is the Purpose of Sports Broadcasting?


Sports broadcasting is the process of sharing game analysis, commentary, and personal experiences with viewers. The purpose of this work is to keep the audience interested and entertained during the sporting event. During the game, sportscasters provide a live commentary, which is essential in keeping the audience engaged throughout.

Lessons learned from Jack Benny’s radio career

When you look at the radio career of Jack Benny, you’ll notice that he has a very regimented work schedule. This includes personal appearances and benefits, and a weekly radio show. He also produces motion pictures in between broadcasts. His job is to entertain, and he does it with style and humor.

Benny was one of the most 해외스포츠중계 hilarious radio personalities of all time, and he was an excellent storyteller. He was also a master of comic timing, and he polished scripted dialogue. He also had a way of guiding the guests and cast members. Even his off-mike wife, Mary Livingstone, was known for her outrageous insults.

Like Jack Benny’s radio career, the television show relied on his persona and character more than his jokes. This helped sustain his popularity in a half-hour program and a series of one-hour specials. Although he never dominated the American TV ratings as he had in his radio career, his shows remained popular and he earned several Emmy awards.

Benny’s character, Rochester, often portrayed African Americans as “those who don’t belong” in the show. His character, a black butler, was an easy target for racist criticism. However, Benny’s writers saddled him with stereotypical black characters, including a shiftless, superstitious, and tyrannical boss. His writers also tended to focus on Rochester’s skin color, which further fueled his racism.

Impact of television on sports broadcasting

The rise of television has had a major impact on sports broadcasting. Previously, sports programming dominated prime time, and was often up to one-third of a network’s schedule. However, the mid-1950s saw the rise of variety and situation comedies, which attracted more female viewers. As a result, networks shifted their primary sports telecasts to the weekend. This change helped to make sports viewing a normal weekend activity for millions of Americans.

As television continued to expand, special features were added to sporting events, which turned them into high-quality television entertainment. This transition was largely credited to the work of Roone Arledge, a former NBC sports executive. Arledge joined ABC in 1960, when the network was still one of the smaller broadcast television networks. CBS and NBC had long controlled the major sporting events, but ABC pounced on the opportunity to broadcast college football games.

The growth of television also led to a decrease in live attendance at sporting events. For example, in 1947, an average of 12,000 fans watched boxing matches at Madison Square Garden, but by the mid-1950s, the average attendance had dropped to only one-hundred and fifty-five spectators. Eventually, the decline in attendance led many sports organizations to institute television blackouts, which prohibited local broadcasts of home games.

While the popularity of television led to a decline in individual sports programs, the biggest sporting events continued to attract huge audiences. NBC had the exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympics in the U.S. until 2032, and has been successful in exploiting prime time slots to show live sporting events.

Impact of Internet on sports broadcasting

The Internet is changing the way that sports are broadcast. Instead of relying on TV broadcasts, many sports broadcasters are turning to online streaming services to meet customer demand. In many cases, this means more flexibility for customers. Traditional sports broadcasters have been creating their own streaming platforms, and others have partnered with existing online streaming services. However, online video services are often driven by revenue from advertising, and declining viewership may hamper the demand for advertising slots.

The impact of the Internet on sports broadcasting is not yet fully understood. Many researchers are still exploring the topic. However, there are some indications that the shift towards online streaming services is positive for global audiences and for athletes. As a result, the changes in the sports broadcasting industry will likely continue in the years to come.

While traditional media companies will do their best to protect their positions in the space, new tech players will continue to grow in size, popularity, and revenue. Eventually, some of the traditional companies will be forced to sell off their sports properties, which is expected to happen in 2021 and 2022.


Social media has also changed the way sports news is reported. Today, popular sports media sites such as Bleacher Report, with over 7 million Twitter followers, can share their content with a massive audience. Social media is also a great way for athletes and leagues to connect with the public. However, the proliferation of disseminators can make it difficult for teams and players to present a cohesive message.

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