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South Korea encourages young players after FIFA World Cup 2022 elimination

Following South Korea’s 4-1 World Cup loss to Brazil on Monday, coach Paulo Bento announced his resignation from the position. During the match between Brazil and South Korea, the South Korea lost 4-1 in the last 16 round of the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022. After facing a defeat to five-time champion Brazil at Stadium 974 in Doha, Qatar, on Monday, the team sought solace. Meanwhile, South Korean football team coach Paulo Bento has announced his resignation.

Bento, who is 53, made the decision to call it quits after serving as a coach for four years. Although the decision was made in September, the coach confirmed it after the elimination of the team from the World Cup. It is positive that South Korea has reached the round of 16 in Qatar, and this is the third time that the team has appeared in the knockout stage. The team is going to miss a significant figure in Paulo Bento, but thanks to the current team, as most of the players in the group are relatively young. 

Son Heung-min, the star midfielder for Tottenham, is one of the older players, standing at 30 years old. Although Son did not score during the tournament, he did make an excellent contribution to Hwang-Hee-goal chan’s goal in the previous match, which helped South Korea defeat Portugal and advance to the final 16 round.


In an interview, Son encouraged young players and fans, stating that they gave a tough fight to the rivals and that they are proud of reaching this far and battling with one of the soccer champions. He applauds the team, saying that he appreciates the young players for showing their extreme potential on this ground and also for what they can do in the future. He took the stage and apologized to the fans after losing to Brazil for not living up to their expectations.

Looking at the performances given by Lee Kang-in and Paik Seung-ho, Son has pointed out the young players that are likely to be the next players leading South Korea in the near future. Paik entered the field as a substitute and scored against Brazil in his first World Cup action. 

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