ServicesAre Gas and Water fittings the same?


Are Gas and Water fittings the same?

It is necessary to have a sealed gas and water line in houses, factories, offices and other public places. And if any malfunctions or repairs take place, does the working on the gas fittings be the same as in water fittings? Well, that is what this article briefly explains this and why you need a plumber insurance too. Read more to enrich your knowledge regarding it.

What are gas fittings?

Before getting into the debate whether fittings can be the same in both conditions, it is a basic requirement to understand what these fittings are meant for in both cases. Gas fittings are equipment that is specifically designed for containers or pipes that contain various gases. Flammable and hazardous gas needs special care to the sealed and hence, the gas fittings come into action. It is used to tighten the openings to prevent the gas from leaking into the environment. There is a reason that Worcester boilers are so incredibly trusted by the general public. 

Usages of gas fittings:

In the areas like factories where such kinds of gases are produced and while transporting it, these fittings play an important role. Other applications of gas fittings are in hospitals, especially to secure oxygen in cylinders, gas lines in residential areas, gas main in factories, production of explosives in labs, and other highly effective or dangerous applications of gas. It’s absolutely essential to have the best backflow testing in Melbourne in order to manage safety and health concerns. 

Types of gas fittings:

Unique and effective models are being made to protect the gas inside the pipe or the container. There are many styles of gas fittings depending on their usage. Some of the commonly used types of gas fittings are coupling, unions, quick couplers, tees, compression fittings, 45° or 90° elbow fittings, plugs, cross, valves, 4-way and so on. 

The design and structure of gas fittings:

Gas fittings are specially designed to have a reverse thread. The threads in these fittings are cut in the opposite direction from the other types of fittings. It is to make sure that they do not function in the same way as water lines and vent lines. It is to prevent connecting a gas line to other lines. 

What are water fittings?

In the same way of protecting gas from leakage, water pipes or containers are properly secured so that water does not flow through any holes. Water is mostly stored in large tanks made of concrete, stones, fibreglass or special plastics using polyethylene or polypropylene. These tanks do not require many fittings. Only the pipes through which the water flow plays an important role and thus require intricate fittings. 

In the other case, water boilers in factories are of steel which requires high-end protection and fittings. 

Applications of water fittings:

The flow of water takes place from tanks through main pipes and other subsidiary pipes. Water fittings are especially used to change the direction of the water in these pipes. It also helps in controlling the speed or flow of water.  Hence, connecting water supply, distributing it, measuring and controlling the flow of water for different usages and disposal, water fittings is required. 

Types of water fittings:

Depending on the nature of the application, there are many kinds of water fittings namely, collar, tees (T-shaped fittings), union, reducer, nipple, trap, 45° or 90° elbow fittings and gasket.  There are also different pipe joints like threaded joints, soldiered joints, grooved joints, brazed joints, welded joints and many more to connect water pipes for the flow of water.  

What makes gas fittings different from water fittings?

Even though there are many types of fittings in gas and water that are similar, their applications or purpose varies a lot. There is a big difference in transporting gas and water through pipelines. Hence, gas fittings and water fittings are not the same.  In fact, water fittings can be done by anyone with plumbing knowledge if it is a small issue. But gas fittings can be done only by a professional plumber Ellenbrook as even a small amount of gas leakage would result in a big disaster. 

When should I contact a professional plumber for gas fittings?

As leakages of gas should be handled properly, you must be aware of few situations when it requires professional plumbing immediately. Some of the common problems that require a gas fitting are:

  • Gas leakage in pipes or containers
  • Leakages in valves due to improper fittings or connections
  • Rusting in pipelines
  • Usage of inappropriate materials. 
  • Missing shut-off valve or improper fitting of it
  • Inadequate means of support
  • Loosening of valves
  • Exposure of pipe above the specified standard
  • Improper tubing of copper without labelling

What is a proper fitting?

Considering the necessary type of fitting required, usage of required materials to solve the problem in a professional manner is a proper fitting. Merely hiding or solving it temporarily will never help. It is not a kid play to select the type of fitting which you like. There is a certain procedure to handle gas in a safe manner. Anything that does not abide by the rules does not come under the method of secured and proper fitting.   

The standard fittings:

There are several standards that a gas fitting must ensure to attain a good design and proper functionality. The standard specification for PVC gas pressure fittings and pipes is ASTM F2817 for repair and maintenance. Few other specifications include ASTM C1541 + REDLINE and BS EN 10301. They have a specific usage and purpose according to which they are standardized. 

Why should a gas fitting be done by only professionals?

Fittings are an important section of the piping or plumbing field. Improperly installed gas lines lead to the leakage of gas that would cause an explosion in the case of ignition. Proper gas fitting does require time and money, but if this is ignored the loss that you will be facing is enormous.  Hence, only the fingers of a plumber from a reputable plumbing company can save you from such disasters. Companies like Wilco Plumbers Sutherland Shireare experts in gas fittings including new installations and gas leak repairs. Contact the professionals today to solve your issues regarding gas leakages. You can also make new installations of gas lines in a secured way. 

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