Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds are the indelible result of crossing an exquisite selection of landrace strains. While no one knows its true origins, this sativa-leaning hybrid quickly became a favorite among 90s Dutch tokers before hitting the global scene.

With its psychedelic effects, phenomenal resin production, and high THC content, Amnesia Haze feminized is as memorable as it is powerful.

Don’t let its name fool you, though. This strain sends your mind soaring to new dimensions as it unlocks forgotten ideas and fresh perspectives. All the while, refreshing notes of earth, citrus, and spice invigorate your senses. 

Amnesia Haze feminized is an enduring legend for other reasons, too. Read on to find out why—we’ll discuss everything from effects and flavors to genetics, germination, and growing

Plus, you’ll discover where to buy high-quality Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds to grow your own lasting stash of award-winning weed.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds description

The Marijuana Hall of Fame is punctuated by iconic cultivars with mysterious origins, and Amnesia Haze feminized is no exception. It’s an intricate blend of landraces from around the world, said to have emerged in the Netherlands around the 1990s.

While no one knows for sure, it’s believed that Amnesia Haze feminized gets its sativa traits from Jamaican, Hawaiian, Laos, Cambodian, and Thai landraces

The original Haze strain, an exemplary sativa blend of landraces itself, also features in the family tree. Afghani and South Asian indica varieties are said to play a role in this strain’s genetic makeup, too.

Despite its confusing lineage, Amnesia Haze feminized is a sativa-dominant hybrid with award-winning qualities. It took home gold in the 2004 Cannabis Cup and again in 2012 for Best Sativa

Amnesia Haze feminized also featured as one of the High Times’ Greatest Strains of All Time, and it’s easy to see why. 

The crop itself displays both sativa and indica traits, reaching about 4 feet tall with elongated leaves and wide internodal gaps. 

While the buds are compact and thick with resin, they’re tapered and conical rather than round. As the Amnesia Haze feminized plant matures, its trichome production goes into overdrive, giving the colas a snow-capped, frosted appearance. 

Amnesia Haze feminized effects 

With a name like Amnesia Haze, you’d think this strain would leave you hazy and forgetful, but the opposite is true. Its sativa traits deliver a powerful cerebral buzz while its indica qualities take the edge off. 

You’ll feel enlivened, focused, and energetic, but with a jitter-free and mellow demeanor. 

That said, Amnesia Haze feminized weed still evokes reverence from experienced tokers and beginners alike. 

Its average THC levels hover around the 16%–20% region and up to 25% in some cases. Enthusiasts often call it a “one-hit quitter” or “ammo weed, so expect a profound, memorable experience. 

Soon after sampling Amnesia Haze feminized buds, you’ll notice your sensory perceptions intensify as you become hyper-aware of your surroundings. The high is almost psychedelic, but with the right dosage, it can be just what you need to tackle the day

Amnesia Haze feminized weed sends brain fog and bad vibes into the abyss, bringing a mood-boosting rush of energy to your mind and body. With renewed inspiration, creativity flows, and new ideas bubble to the surface. 

Your inner chatterbox comes out to play, and a sense of childlike wonder embraces topics of conversation. You might even find yourself seeking out snacks. After a while, your body settles into a mellow state of relaxation without rendering you lethargic. 

Amnesia Haze feminized buds are perfect for social gatherings, fun activities, self-care days, and even intimate quality time with your significant other. 

Be mindful of the dosage, though, because too much of this stuff can be overwhelming and send you straight to the couch. If you’re a rookie or part-time toker, stick to smaller amounts of Amnesia Haze feminized weed. 

Overdoing it can also induce headaches, paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are pretty common side effects of cannabis use, too. So remember to drink lots of water and keep some over-the-counter eye drops around.

Medical marijuana users also grow Amnesia Haze feminized seeds for therapeutic reasons

Some use this strain to help treat psychological conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression. Others find it effective in relieving chronic pain, aches, spasms, and migraines. 

While this list of medicinal applications isn’t exhaustive, always seek professional medical advice before trying out any remedies. 

Amnesia Haze feminized flavors

Amnesia Haze feminized weed emits aromas synonymous with Haze variants. As the plant matures, you’ll notice an earthy fragrance underscored by citrus, floral, and pine notes. Once cured and ground up, the buds ooze with a zesty, fruity spiciness.

Amnesia Haze feminized nugs aren’t much different in flavor. The smoke is smooth and creamy, with slight citrusy sweetness. Tokers with a discerning palate may also notice earthy, peppery nuances.

How to germinate Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

Germination is a crucial and delicate first step to healthy Amnesia Haze feminized crops. There are many ways to sprout your cannabis seeds, but we’ve outlined a few of the most popular techniques below. 

Whichever you choose, remember to keep your hands and equipment bacteria-free and use purified water. Microorganisms can kill your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds before they get a chance to sprout properly, so hygiene is essential.

Of course, quality plays a major role, too. So make sure your Amnesia Haze seeds come from a trustworthy seed bank. The last thing you need is a subpar batch of seeds dashing your hopes of a successful grow op. 

When you buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds, make sure you choose a reputable seed bank. Mother Nature can still produce a few duds, so it’s best to have a backup. 

Here are the top four germination methods: 

The paper towel technique

This method is one of the most successful ways to sprout your weed seeds. It’s also quick, easy, and cost-effective. Place a damp (not soaking wet) paper towel onto a dinner plate and lay your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds out. They should be about an inch or so apart. 

Next, cover your cannabis seeds with another sheet of paper towel. Again, make sure it’s wet but not dripping. Place a second dinner plate over the first one and store your weed seeds in a dark, warm place like a cupboard or shelf. 

Expect your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds to sprout taproots in 1–5 days. During this period, make sure they remain moist, or they’ll dry out and die.

The direct-to-soil method

If soil is your final growing medium, this technique is a suitable option. It’s also a tad more complicated, though. 

Make holes about 0.5 inches deep in brand new premium-grade soil. Place your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds into the holes and cover them with loose soil. Don’t compress the soil too much, or your marijuana seeds won’t have space to grow. 

Next, use a spray bottle to dampen the soil, keeping your weed seeds moist. Store them in a humid, dark environment, and they should sprout in about 4–10 days. You can also use this method with other growing media like coco coir or potting mixes.

The water submersion technique

This technique is super cheap and easy, but it’s not always successful. Fill a glass or bowl up with water around the halfway mark. The temperature should stay at around 70°F

Next, drop your feminized Amnesia Haze seeds into the water and put the glass or bowl in a dark, warm place. Wait 3–5 days for them to sprout. At this point, some growers transfer the tiny seedlings into soil pots and place them under fluorescent lights.

The peat pellet approach

Peat pellets cost more, but they’re also convenient. You can plant them directly into your growing medium unless you’re using a hydroponic setup. 

First, soak your peat pellets in water until they expand. Next, make a hole about half an inch deep in each one and place your Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds into each hole. 

Cover them up and store the pellets in a warm and dark place. Keep them moist, and expect your weed seeds to sprout in 3–8 days.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds grow information

Amnesia Haze seeds that are feminized blossom into female-only plants. Unless you’re a breeder, you don’t want male plants around to pollinate your Mary Jane ladies. They cause female plants to produce fewer buds, resulting in a smaller yield.

Amnesia Haze feminized crops are somewhat fussy and take about 8–9 weeks to flower. Some phenotypes take even longer—up to 13 weeks in some cases. 

These crops prefer balmy conditions akin to Mediterranean or continental climates but are also prone to pest attacks. As such, you’ll need some experience to achieve a successful harvest. 

An indoor environment gives you better control over the growing conditions, but outdoor cultivation is also possible. 

A hydroponic setup works well with Amnesia Haze feminized plants, although organic soil, peat moss, or coco coir are also fantastic choices.

You can optimize space and maximize harvests with the Sea of Green (SoG) method. It involves shortening the vegetative stage and improving air and light exposure. 

Use 600W lights and keep relative humidity (RH) levels at 60% pre-flower. Reduce RH to 50%–55% once your Amnesia Haze feminized plants start producing buds. In the final 2–3 weeks of flowering, drop RH levels by another 10%.

Trim any obstructive leaves to stimulate bud development, light exposure, and oxygenation. You can also use yield-boosting techniques like topping to encourage more bud sites. 

Keep your Amnesia Haze feminized crops happy, and expect to yield about 17–21 oz. per m².

If you opt for an outdoor setup, start your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds around spring for an October harvest (In the northern hemisphere, that is) before the cold sets in. Each healthy crop can yield about 21–28 oz. 

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds genetics

Old-school genetics are often hard to verify, especially when it comes to complex strains like the Amnesia Haze feminized hybrid.

One common theory goes that an American breeder, David “Sam the Skunkman” Watson, created the original Amnesia strain back in the 90s. 

It’s believed that he crossed a variety of Jamaican, Hawaiian, and Thai landraces. The result was then supposedly crossed with Neville’s Haze in the Netherlands to create a clone-only Amnesia Haze feminized crop.

Other versions of the story exist, too. Some believe the original Amnesia Haze is a combination of Neville’s Haze and Enemy of The State (an indica hybrid). Others say it’s the result of crossing Jamaican and South Asian landrace strains.

Meanwhile, High Times says Amnesia Haze feminized weed gets its genetic profile from an Afghani x Hawaiian indica hybrid crossed with a Laos x Jamaican sativa hybrid. 

Of course, the Haze strain also features in the family tree, itself a blend of Mexican, South Indian, Thai, and Colombian landraces. 

Where to buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds 

There are a few things to keep in mind before you buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds. 

First, make sure it’s legal to grow marijuana in your state. If it isn’t, you can still legally collect ungerminated cannabis seeds as souvenirs.

A quick Google search reveals hundreds of online seed banks all promising the world, but many fail to deliver. 

Only buy your feminized Amnesia Haze seeds from a company with a proven track record of quality, service, and dedication. You’ll know a seed bank is authentic when it offers:

  • A vast selection of top-shelf cannabis seeds
  • A rewarding loyalty program and truly beneficial promotions
  • In-depth educational content curated by real-life cannabis experts
  • A-grade customer service and secure delivery
  • A platform where you can share your cultivation journey and track your progress
  • A lively online community where growers can engage, ask and answer questions

It sounds like a tall order, but as the Homegrown Cannabis Co. experts put it, true commitment means educating, inspiring, and informing consumers, too.

Make new memories with Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds blossom into lush, medium-sized plants, but that’s the only instance where they fall into the “medium” category. 

Sativa-dominant, THC-rich, and incredibly sticky, these buds send your mind to higher dimensions and your worries to bed. 

Despite its enigmatic origins, this sublime blend of landrace genetics remains a memorable part of the Dutch coffee shop culture. 

You don’t need to go to Amsterdam to experience the earthy citrus and spice flavors of Amnesia Haze feminized weed, though.

With the right info, a little bit of effort, and high-quality Amnesia Haze feminized seeds, you can have your own massive stash of legendary weed.

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