Real EStateUnderstanding Water Filter Straws and How They Work


Understanding Water Filter Straws and How They Work

Water is one of the sensitive substances we use every day, and you can take some hard ones. Before you taste all the water you can find, you can use filter straws to help you sieve through. Most of the dirty particles will be kept off when using this filter. To understand the straws, you need to understand the filter first. These filters will help you take any water from any part of the world and be safe in the knowledge that it’s safe. Here’s what you need to understand about water filter straws and how they work.

What Are Filter Straws?

You probably know all you need to know about the regular straws, and these are almost the same. You can refer to these straws as LifeStraws, and they are about 9.25 inches long and an inch round. This makes them a little bit bigger than the regular straws. Another distinct feature you get when you use this straw is the string attached to it that you can use to carry the straw around your neck. The outer part of the straw is made of durable plastic – you can use and re-use and use the straw over again.

How They Work

There’s no different procedure that goes into the straw works. All you need to do is stick the straw in the water source and drink from it. The straw will take care of filtering the water like Aqua Clear Water Systems, and remove the dirty particles from the water. When the first set of straws in this mold came into the market, they’d use iodine to kill bacteria. Most users thought this to be a great move, but things changed. It was 2012 when manufacturers decided against chemicals in the straws. Today, the straws use a mechanical filtration process which is much safer for any user. What happens is that the water is forced through layers of fiber. The fiber contains less than 0.2 microns across. The filtration process is hence efficient and complete. The fibers in the straw are used to trap the dirt and other unwanted particles in the water. This only then allows clean water to go through the straw.

How Long Can You Use One?

The next question you may struggle with is how long you can use the straw before changing it. On average, the straw can be used to filter around 2.7 liters of water per day. And on a full scale, it can be used to filter up to 1000 liters of water. This means that you need to replace the straw after a year of use. The downside is that you need to replace the whole straw after the year of service. There are no parts that you can replace from the unit after use.

Invest In A Straw

You may need to get a water filter straw if you travel to areas where you can’t trust the water source. Here’s what water filters straws are all about and how they generally work.

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