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Before taking the challenge of selling your home alone, contact a local real estate professional to discuss your options.

Hire a real estate agent-

Sell property or buying a new house for you is not an easy task. To do those work correctly and with benefit, you have to hire a real estate agent.

Today you will know the vital activity of getting in touch with a trusted real estate professional who will help you achieve your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since real estate and promotion o acquiring a house are vitally important financial activities, everyone knows very well that time is money.

The Property Buying Company service often helps people to sell their homes in less than 24 hours. They provides the convenience of an on-demand home sale system for the busy modern family.

For a family, acquiring and putting a property up for sale is the most critical decision about their wealth that they will make.

An excellent real estate professional will allow you to find a new house, condominium, or apartment within your budget or help you put your home on the market in a more efficient way and at the best possible price.

Best Real estate agent in Norderstedt-

The real estate advisor or the trusted real estate agent is that professional person in the sector, trained and dedicated in an exclusive way to advise. And guide their clients throughout the process of buying and selling a property and even before thinking about selling or buying.

Andre Riedel Immobilien is the best Real estate Agent in Norderstedt. They will always be there whenever you need them to listen and advise on everything related to your home. Your change concerns and, above all, objectively analyze your interests.

They are the best real estate advisor of the present, and the future is honest, transparent, and have an efficient personality. Their experience gives you the necessary tools to help you manage your wealth and make sure it is in good hands.

At present, more than ever, the bond between the client and the real estate advisor must be based on trust and sound know-how. Because your home is part of your life, and you cannot put it in the hands of just anyone.

This Agent of the present and the future with these values lead to the path of:

  • A happy customer
  • A well-attended customer
  • A client with the needs covered
  • A property in good hands
  • Good teamwork
  • Success in the real estate operation.

Advantages of hiring them when buying or selling your property-

  • They can give you the news anytime-

their Real estate agents can detect last-minute changes in the local real estate market. And they can advise you according to those changes, as they favor you.

  • Help you prepare the house for sale-

In principle, your real estate agent will not clean or pack your boxes of clutter. Andre Riedel Immobilien has enough experience to offer precise information and advice on what to do or not do and how to make the house look better.

  • Recommend a suitable price-

Setting the correct price is a must from the start. If you overvalue the price. You can get the risk that your home will remain unsold for weeks or even months until no one wants to see it anymore. If you undervalue the price, you could lose money. Especially if the house does not attract multiple offers. With access to vital market information, your broker will know how to find the right balance and suggest a range for you to choose from.

  • Bargaining for extras-

Want updated counters or appliances in that new home? Your Agent can help with all those additional benefits, amenities, and upgrades.

  • Handling questions from potential buyers-

When interested buyers want to see your home or get more information, they will call your Agent, not you. You do not have an obligation to interact with buyers in that situation.


Listing on your own allows you to manage the entire transaction yourself. Why do that when you can hire an agent and still get the same amount of money?

Andre Riedel Immobilien is a Immobilienmakler Norderstedt with expert real estate professionals. They have a Market Center throughout the country, and they pride themselves on having a broad portfolio of properties and satisfied clients throughout Germany. So, if you were looking for the best and trusted Real Estate Agency in Norderstedt, why are you waiting for it? Contact them today.

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