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Top Nine Methods Of Getting Rid Of Fleas On Your Pet Dog

Fleas, ticks and other parasites are undoubtedly the worst nightmares for all pet parents. No matter how careful you are with the food quality and buying supercoat dog food, fleas and ticks are not something youc an control. Especially if you’re a dog owner, regular walks to the dog park can become a package of anxiety. Fleas are parasites that infect dogs, cats and other pets and transmit diseases and feed on their host’s blood. Fleas can spread between animals through interaction with other pets or the outdoor environment, mainly grassy fields.

Fleas are small insect-like creatures that can be seen hopping in between your pet’s fur. Not only are they challenging to catch, but they are detrimental to your dog’s health if they’re let on their skin for too long. You may have to use ostopet for their bones if that happens.

Common symptoms of fleas on dogs include frequent itching and irritability by your pet and the occasional sight of the fleas on your pet’s fur. Fleas can transmit many diseases that can decrease your dog’s appetite, and your dog may develop anemia. Although it’s rare, fleas can transmit diseases like typhus and plague. Moreover, fleas can spread to humans, too, leading to skin allergies and infection.

1. Comb your dog’s fur:

Get a flea comb for this purpose. Flea combs are special combs with thin teeth designed to trap fleas between them. Create a mixture of soap and water and dip the comb in it. Comb your pet’s fur with the flea comb to catch the fleas. You can find a comb like that if you look for a pet accessories shop near me. If the concentration of the soap and water mixture is high enough, it’ll be sufficient to kill the fleas.

2. Use anti-flea shampoo:

There are many great anti-flea shampoos available in the pet store that you can get through the advice of the veterinarian or groomer. Ideally, avoid products containing ingredients your dog may be allergic to.

3. Use apple cider vinegar:

If you prefer to try homemade remedies instead of buying something from the pet store, apple cider vinegar can be a great choice. Dilute the apple cider vinegar using water and put that in a spray bottle. Note that apple cider vinegar will only repel fleas off your dog’s skin, but it won’t kill them. Do not mix it with the chappi dog food, spray it on your dog.

4. Book an appointment with the vet:

Taking your dog to the veterinarian may be the safest option if your dog has too many fleas. Your vet can prescribe medications to ease the itchiness caused by flea bites.

5. Give your dog a warm bath:

By warm, we’re talking about water with a temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius. Ideally, this method would only work optimally during winters when outer temperatures are naturally low, and your dog wouldn’t resist a hot water bath. Usually, fleas die at temperatures above 35 degrees celsius and below 8 degrees Celsius. Be cautious of the water’s temperature and ensure it’s not hot enough that it burns your dog’s skin.

6. Wash your dog’s bed:

Wash your dog’s bed, blanket and towel thoroughly with soap or clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

7. Give oral dog pills:

Talk to the veterinarian before proceeding with this advice. Sometimes when you can’t take your dog to the vet, you can attend an appointment online and ask your veterinarian to prescribe oral medications. Make sure your dog eats healthy food like canine creek starter to keep them healthy.

8. Use a flea-killing spray:

There are both synthetic and natural options for anti-flea spray. Note that these sprays will act as flea repellants. A natural alternative is rosemary oil diluted with water.

9. Clean your house and backyard:

Female fleas lay eggs in moist and humid environments. Thus, ensuring that your backyard and house are cleaned and disinfected periodically is essential.

To summarize, fleas can be a big deal for pets and parents. They are vectors of numerous diseases and can cause allergies in dogs. Maintaining proper hygiene around where your dog spends the maximum time is essential to ensure that your home is free of fleas.

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