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The Paw Co Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket and Designer Dog Harness Available in Australia

Are you looking for dog clothes to facelift your pet’s fashion? You have landed in the right place. The Paw Co is the one-stop destination for all dog owners who want to give an upgrade to their pet’s fashion and ensure their comfort. We have redefined dog fashion in the country with our best designer dog clothing and accessories made with high-quality material and unique designs.

Who We Are?

The Paw Co is one of the leading Australia-based designer dog clothing and accessories brands. We have expertise in making stylish dog clothes and accessories including bandanas, shirts, sleeveless T-shirts, bowties, raincoats, reversible harnesses, boots, and beds.

We make sure that your dog looks stylish when you go for a walk in the neighborhood. Being pioneers in making designer dog clothing we make sure that your stylishster four-legged friend looks most luxuriously dressed in your locality. A designer dog waterproof jacket and designer dog harness are our must-have for dog owners.

Below is the list of beautiful designer dog clothes and accessories offered by the top-rated Australian brand the Paw Co: 

Sloane Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket 

Stitched with 100% cotton pinstripe inner lining, our Sloane waterproof dog rain jacket allows the pet owners to take their pet for a walk even if it rains without worrying that their pet will get wet. With the Paw Co rain jacket, you no longer need to be concerned about wet paws, as the waterproof and wind-resistant jacket protects your dog from rainy weather and gives them enough warmth. 

You can choose from lemon, blush, and navy colors that best match your pooch. With a removable stylish hoodie and metal fasteners, our rain jackets ensure fashion and comfort for your pet. You don’t need to worry about the size of your pet as this jacket comes in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. The adjustable cuffs and harness opening give you easy hold over your pet while you go for a walk.

Brooklyn Designer Dog Harness- Padded Style 

The diamond pattern Brooklyn designer dog harness adds more swag to your pet fashion. Padded inner mesh lining gives enough space for your pet to feel comfortable. The Straps and buckles are designed to ensure the dog’s comfort. Featured with metal hardware to fasten around the pet’s chest, our Brooklyn harness comes in navy, olive, and blush

Brooklyn Poop Bag 

Our Brooklyn poop bags come with a diamond-shaped pattern with a metal hook. This pool bag is designed with a uniquely designed and polished metal hole to ensure easy bag dispensing. Made with high-quality fabric the bag ensures convenience for pet owners through its easy zip opening with the Paw Co charm pull. It comes in three colors including navy, olive, and blush.  

Final Words

With a presence across the country, we have a wide selection of super stylish clothes for a lovely pooch. Visit our website to explore more of what we have to offer for your cute pet. Discover our best dog apparel & accessories with us to give a classy touch to your pet’s fashion.

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