PetReasons to Get a Boxer Dog

Reasons to Get a Boxer Dog


Your life changes for the better the day you decide to get a dog. These lovely animals are born to spend their lives with you and to make your days better. What the owners have sweet troubles about is choosing the right breed.

When deciding on the arrival of a new four-legged member in your home, you are most often guided by emotions and superficial choices like the dog’s color. This decision should be much more detailed, especially if you have toddlers and other pets. You should consider the character of the animal, size, maintenance, and even costs. If you think of getting a Boxer dog, keep on reading.

Friendly Nature

With their cute, wrinkly face, Boxers are adorable pups that will give you a bunch of fun and joy. It’s great to get them as family pets, and they are a great choice for first-time dog owners. Due to their gentle and friendly nature, these pups get along with both people and animals.

Boxers can be a bit suspicious and restrained to strangers. If they spot something as a threat, they will alert you without any aggression. That’s why they are not suitable for watchdogs (although they were bred to be police guide dogs). But in rare cases, you can see these dogs attack when they feel the need to defend a family or home. 

As soon as they perceive someone as friendly, Boxers will relax and act as if they have known each other forever. So, if you want a happy and friendly pup to enjoy the comfort of your home and company, you will find it in Boxer.

Not High-Maintenance Breed

Although they are large dogs, Boxers shouldn’t live outside. Their short hair is great because of low shedding, but it doesn’t protect them during the winter. Also, their short nose doesn’t cool the hot air effectively in the summer. You might hear your pup breathing heavily when the temperatures are high.

If you are afraid of how your coexistence might look, be without worries. Boxers are super tidy and don’t have high maintenance needs. As for grooming, you can brush them once a week and keep their nails cut regularly. Also, this breed enjoys water, so you won’t have a hard time bathing your pet.

Due to their playful nature, and the energy they possess, members of this race reach maturity later than other species. But they will keep their playfulness even in later years, provided that they are not sick. At this link, you can read more about the common diseases of Boxers.

Love and Patience for Kids


For some people, the crucial reason to get a Boxer dog is that they get along well with children. This breed is well-known for its high tolerance. And what can be more nerve-racking for an animal than kids who always want to bother and play with them? Well, Boxers won’t mind that. That can be good for the owners, too, as playing with kids is an excellent activity that will get your pup exhausted, eventually 🙂

With the proper training and learning your youngest ones to care for and play safely with a dog, you can get them the best playmate. You don’t have to worry about the Boxer stealing toys or pulling them around the house. These dogs have a great time playing with children. You can leave them in the backyard for hours, as these pups are always down for running and chasing.

High Energy and Athletic Abilities

If you’re an athlete or active person, you will need a pet to keep up with you. Well, you’ve just found yourself a partner. Boxers are known as great athletes. With their massive and robust bodies, they can endure some great efforts, like climbing or long walks. 

As these pups drool a lot, they lose a lot of water. So make sure you always have enough water with you, and you can enjoy outdoor activities with your four-legged friend.

Boxers enjoy the water, and they are among the best swimmers in the animal world. These dogs love to get wet and dirty, and they love it when you throw a ball into the water with them. So if you live by the lake or sea or have a pool, feel free to let your pup bathe and play in the water.

Highly Intelligent Breed

Boxer dogs are very intelligent. They can recognize and learn things quickly, and they are great problem solvers as well. What makes these dogs great pets is that they are loyal and good in training. Sure, they can be a bit mischievous and stubborn. But with the proper obedience training, you can make them sweet and calm.

This breed requires constant exercise, starting from an early age. The best way to train Boxers is to make fun and play out of it. They learn easily, but they quickly become bored. They don’t need too many toys; they would rather walk, play in a dog park with other dogs, or just run. In any case, these dogs need daily activities to waste excess energy and not develop destructive behavior.

More training tips for this breed, see below:

If you consider getting a Boxer dog, you are on the right track to making a good decision. This breed is perfect for a pet, whether you are single or have a large family with many children or other animals. But these pups will need love, care, and devotion, so don’t think of buying or adopting if you’ll leave them alone often.

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