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4 Ways to Keep Your Pet Dogs Active at Home!

Dogs often crave an outlet for their pent-up energy to remain calm and satisfied. Introducing some stimulating activities into their daily routine can be one solution to keep them engaged. Likewise, fur babies generally need abundant opportunities to gratify their instincts, without which they may experience withdrawal symptoms or cross over to become destructive personalities.

The key to keeping your pet pup sane and healthy is allowing them to partake in physical and mental work like playing fetch, brisk walking, running, catching a frisbee, agility sports, solving dog puzzles, learning tricks, etc. Plan your furry friend’s schedule in a way that is enjoyable and exhausting, so they don’t cultivate unfriendly behavior.

Also, have pet health insurance to keep your active fur companion covered for accidents, sickness, and emergencies. Every pet requires an excellent health backup, and pet owners need to ensure their furry pet gets timely medical help when a situation demands. So, buy dog insurance if you don’t have a policy already.

For now, we have listed a few activities that can keep your fur baby mentally occupied for a brief period.

Teach tricks

Whether you have an old dog or a new pup, one way to keep their minds fresh and working is by teaching them new tricks. You can quickly search online to find some assorted ones. Have short sessions every day so your furry friend doesn’t get bored of learning them. You can begin with simple gestures like high five, crawl, peek, twirl, sit, stand, etc.

Share your chores

Dogs love sharing the load with their human companions. Helping and completing small jobs like handing a plate/napkin, pulling the fridge door open with a rope tied to the handle, etc., can give them a sense of accomplishment.

Your canine friend may even expect a lot of warmth and appreciation for finishing tasks. We agree they deserve much praise from you and other family members. On the other hand, furry pets look forward to taking part in a job when the job has rewards. Have some treats in your pocket, so they come in handy.

Teach toy names

Your doggo may be a proud owner of tens or hundreds of toys, but does your fur baby know their names? We think you can teach your doggo some words with little effort. Learn the easy way to teach your furry pet a toy’s name. Initially, both of you play with the toy for a significant number of minutes, all the while calling out the toy’s name.

For instance, take the quacking duck toy and call it Louie duck multiple times, so your furry pet registers the word Louie and associates it with the duck toy in their mind.

Playing scavenger hunt

Consider it a variation of a treasure hunt. Divide your doggo’s meal into several small portions and hide them in several corners of your home or backyard. Your dog may be thrilled about the whole idea. This game allows your pet to sniff many places, discover food hideouts, munch on them, and emerge a winner!

Your furry pet may hurt itself through the little daily adventures, get sick, or fall prey to other emergencies. So, purchase pet health insurance to help protect your finances at times like these. Dog insurance comes in a variety of levels of cover you can choose from. While the most basic policies cover treatment for accidents and prescriptions, you may choose higher plans if you want cover for particular illnesses or dental conditions for your pet.

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