Wikipedia’s Notability Rule Explained- What Makes a Good Wikipedia Topic

Everything about everything – you get to know for free at one place which is the world-famous encyclopedia, namely ‘Wikipedia’. In Wikipedia, anyone can contribute to increase this knowledge base. Writing, editing and publishing article on Wikipedia is not super easy as it appears though. But again, it’s not much hard as it is told as long as you adhere the rules and regulations.

There are some notability guidelines that are set of rules which is introduced in a time-tested manner by the Wikipedia community editors. The subject of an article has to be notable enough so that the topic or the subject can be reckoned as eligible for a standalone Wikipedia article. Notability actually signifies that for a certain topic, apart from primary sources there has to be significant coverage in secondary source. For a bottom-up generated resource like Wikipedia, notability is usually determined by the community of editors. If the notability of an article isn’t met apparently, editors are at the liberty to speedy delete an article which is actually a mechanism to ensure the authority of Wikipedia.

Biography of Living Persons

Every category of topics has different set of rules about their notability or notoriety. One of such categories is biography of living persons which is a category within which a substantial proportion of articles get published daily. While writing for a person or biography, it must be ensured that he/she has achieved something noteworthy or has received awards or honor.

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Persons who are still in process to achieve something are not considered as notable topics. Even an incident, for example whether a person got killed in unique way or murdered in such a way to make a headline in newspaper, then that particular incident can be considered Notable. 

If you have small business with common production and nothing new and different, it doesn’t match the notability level. Your business in order to become notable should have some criteria, have some global and international reach then that’s what people might be looking for. A product which is manufactured by just one company or has just started to get manufactured by that company may not be notable as per Wikipedia’s policy unless there are some significant news coverages about the products.

          The content in the article also does matter for Wikipedia. You should be giving proper emphasis on all perspectives of the subject so that it doesn’t sound undue. Apart from this, the information to be added in an article of Wikipedia must have some supporting references from where the information can be verified publicly

What Makes A Good Wikipedia Topic?

           A good topic involves coherent and relevant information, verifiable resources, good coverage of subject and accurate data. You don’t need fancy headlines or fame to publish the article on Wikipedia. Be active on daily happenings around the world which give topic of public interest, because at the end the general public is wikipedia’s audience. Be more specific about the topic and don’t try to sum up everything on one page. If topic is about person then check his family history, achievements, work done by him, article about him on different websites and do some research on reliable sources. This groundwork will help in writing good biography topic on Wikipedia. If there is any major event related to a person then consider making a separate page for that as people might just want to read about that particular topic as well. Athlete, actors, scientist, doctors, social workers, cricketers, writers, personalities from who have been proven to notable historically are some good topics for biography on Wikipedia. 

                If you are writing about business, then do check on the concerned business executives, their business revenue, whether they have international and global reach and try to determine what so unique about them. For example, lijjat papad was started by 7 women to empower women and how they became a well known brand today. If you are promoting a product it should be rare to find, only produced in one company, good in quality and should have an interesting history. If it’s a food product, the recipe should be unique with a story behind it. Also, topics related to arts, culture, sports, nature, entertainment, astrology, musical bands, wars usually grab the attention of audience. Basically, writing about the public interest, giving them factual and whole coverage of a topic are the things which makes good topic for Wikipedia.  

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