Why look for a Fixed Move-in date and Price

Not all builders and construction companies are the same. They all have their own procedures and policies in place so it means when you are start looking for a construction company in LBI you need to think about what best suits the project you have for them. One thing some offer that is worth looking for is having a fixed move-in date and price. It costs a bit more but it means the company is guaranteeing you will be in the house by a certain date and that there will be no hidden fees or cost add ons. There are a few benefits to this and here are some of them.

Smoother transition as you move

Moving is hard work. Moving into a brand new home, as exciting as that is even more hard work! Having a date you know you can move in by that is completely fixed with no debate can take a lot of stress of your shoulders. You can arrange things, movers, utilities and so on knowing that it will be okay. You also do not have the stress of delays and the problems those delays cause.

Gives you more flexibility

A construction company in Long Beach Island that gives you a fixed move-in date and price is also one that means you now have more flexibility. You can plan things in the future and explore a number of options.

Easier to budget

With a fixed price your budgeting is a lot easier because you are not having to try and have a bit extra for those extra bills, supplier issues and contractors that come along and need paying. You just need to budget for the one fixed amount you and your builder have agreed upon.

Saves money on added costs

A construction company in LBI that offers a fixed fee will not have prices that suddenly go up for certain things or work, and will not slow down or halt work for those hidden costs. You might pay more for this kind of contract but in the long term, it can actually save you money.

No chance of a builder trying to change the terms of the contract

Once you have that budget set and that date to move in set and everything is signed, there is no wheeling and dealing, having to deal with them haggling with you over money and more time. It is a far more efficient and effective way to have your project handled and is certainly less stressful for you.


When it comes to looking for a construction company in Long Beach Island there are a number of usual things to look for, experience, skill, reputation, to name a few. What you should also look closer at is some of their terms and services. Not every builder is the same and one thing a lot of homeowners enjoy is the fixed move-in and price feature.

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