Which type of timber is best suited for decking?

When choosing what should be used to build your new deck, it is important to know the best type of timber for decking. Plenty of different species can provide you with all of the good qualities and characteristics. But if you want to know which decking timber is the best, you will need to find out how each one stacks up against the others.

Australian Hardwoods

Australian Hardwoods is a type of timber that is best suited for decking. It is a lustrous and durable hardwood that can be used for many projects. Australian timber has a warm ambience, and its rich colour adds character to any home. It is an investment that will improve the value of your home.

Australian timber is termite resistant and resistant to rot, making it an ideal choice for exterior projects. There are several types of Australian Hardwoods available today, and each type has its unique characteristics and uses. Some of the most popular varieties include Merbau and Spotted Gum.

The best method of treating Australian Hardwood is using high-quality sealants or stains. This will ensure maximum protection from termites and other insects while also protecting from elements such as rain and snow. You may choose to apply a single coat of stain or sealant, but if you have multiple coats, then use an oil-based primer in between each application to ensure proper adhesion between layers of stain or sealant (this prevents moisture from seeping through). You may also want to consider applying two coats for better results.

Treated Pine

Treated pine is a type of timber best suited for decking, and it is rot resistant and fairly easy to work with, making it a great material for building an outdoor deck. There are several different types of treated pine available at your local hardware store, and each type has its unique properties, so it’s important to do some research before you make your purchase.

A popular choice among homeowners is Australian Treated Pine, also known as H3 treated pine. This type of treated pine has been chemically processed with copper and arsenic to protect against termites and other insects. Another popular choice is the European Treated Pine, treated using boric acid. While boric acid does not protect from termites and other insects like arsenic does, it provides the same protection against decay and rot as H3 treated pine.


Merbau has been used consistently over time and has proved to be durable and beautiful in its natural form. The timber is reddish-brown when fresh, weathers to a rich dark brown or chocolate color, and it has very good durability and strength properties.

Merbau is generally regarded as one of the most durable timbers. It does not require preservative treatment for use in outdoor construction such as decking, but it does require regular application of an oil-based finish to retain its rich dark brown color. The heartwood is resistant to termites and other wood borers, and moderately resistant to decay, though it will last longer if kept dry. Merbau wood can be found naturally in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and India.

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is a type of timber that is best suited for decking. It has a hard and dense wood which makes it durable and long lasting. It has a beautiful grain pattern with the colors ranging from light brown to dark brown with hints of grey and red gum veins. The timber is naturally durable, termite resistant and very strong making it perfect for use in high traffic areas such as decks. Spotted Gum decking can be used as both internal and external decking boards. Some people also use it for fencing or benchtops. It looks great in any outdoor space because of its natural beauty and versatility.

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