What to expect In Computer Aptitude In Bank PO Exams

Since last year SBI PO and IBPS PO exams had some slight changes in exam pattern, you may all have heard Computer Aptitude has been changed from General/Banking awareness section to Reasoning section in both SBI PO and IBPS PO exams. Now Reasoning and Computer aptitude carry around 60 marks in weightage with 45 questions. Total number of questions from four sections in the Mains exam has also been reduced to 155, with a total mark of 200, previously it had been 200 questions with one mark each. Many students are a little confused by the change and knowing this we are trying to provide some details on the new changes in the Computer Aptitude exam paper.

Reduction In Question But Increase In Time.

That’s good news if you don’t think that much but it’s not if you think deeply. Over the past few years a number of people attending these exams have raised almost 10 lakh students to appear for these exams and examination boards have decided to toughen the question paper so that only good deserving candidates enter as bank officers. Last year’s question paper was tough and only good candidates with high scores were selected. So reduction in question numbers and increase in time won’t be of much help if you haven’t taken preparation seriously. You need to prepare properly and study all concepts.

What To Expect In Computer Aptitude paper

Computer aptitude paper is the easiest of all topics. If you have a good understanding about the subject then you can easily get 5-7 marks without much effort. So where are all the questions in this paper coming from? You have to study Computer history and generation, computer memories, hardware and I/O devices, software and languages, operating system, computer network, basics from DBMS, MS office and its shortcut keys, number system and conversion and also computer and network security.  Most of the topics are the same as in previous years and there is not much change in syllabus.

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Time Saved Is Mark Earned

If you can quickly answer through computer aptitude questions without wasting time you can easily go and work on other questions from data interpretation or reasoning which takes a lot of time. By saving time on Computer aptitude you are finding more time to solve other sections. But to save time like that you should know the answers to questions for that you must learn all basic concepts and also try many mock tests

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Now let’s look at a few questions that are asked regularly

1.Convert the Decimal number 175 into Binary form

  1. 10001111
  2. 11111010
  3. 11101011
  4. 10101111
  5. None of these

Answer: D

  1. First generation computers worked on the following ?
  2. Vacuum Tubes and Magnetic Drum
    B. Integrated Circuits
    C. Magnetic Tape and Transistors
    D. All of above

Answer: A

  1. Which Among the four below is not a valid version of MS Office?
  1. Office 2000
  2. Office Vista
  3. Office 2007
  4. Office 2010

Answer: B

You can expect questions like these. For more questions ,you can try different mock tests .

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