What kind of services can a UX agency provide?

Companies like Ergomania UX agency can provide a multitude of services to all kinds of businesses. The main aim of these services is to learn more about potential customers and provide them with the best possible user experience in order to drive your conversions.

But what exactly are these UX services you can expect by hiring a UX agency? In the following article, you’ll get a clearer look at what kind of methods these companies can employ for the benefit of your business!

Why UX design services are increasingly popular in the digital age

UX design agencies provide their services to create and enhance platforms such as software, applications, and of course, webshops and websites.

Among other things, UX services mainly focus on improving customer satisfaction. And as you may figure, no business can make it without being able to meet, and sometimes even exceed the expectations of their customers.

This leads to a huge number of reasons why UX services are worth it, for example:

Increased brand credibility: in the age of digital advertising, a website with lightning-fast loading times, a transparent structure, and a convincing design is much more likely to gain the trust of newcomers.

A competitive advantage: if you can reduce your bounce rate (users leaving your website early instead of navigating through it), that already helps in preventing potential customers from looking elsewhere. Not to mention that if you can provide them with a user experience that not only meets but even exceeds their expectations, you have a great chance of converting them from visitors to loyal customers who will continue to spend money on your product and services instead of your competitors.

Increased conversions: the beauty of many UX services is that they can directly support your business goals. A professional UX agency will not only keep your users in mind when designing your platform, but also the conversions you want to increase, whether that’s subscriptions, phone calls, contact forms being filled out, and of course, sales. This is why it’s important to create a site structure that makes it easy for your potential customers to complete the desired actions.

Here are some of the services that a UX agency can provide your business:

You’d be surprised just how many different services a full-service UX agency can provide. This of course includes:

  • Web development: making your website work as it should with back-end coding as well as technical and on-site SEO elements.
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO): a process that focuses on increasing the chances of your leads converting into sales with methods like A/B testing (testing out which version of your platform results in better conversions).
  • Troubleshooting: testing out your platform before going live, filtering out any glitches that may have passed unnoticed. This is the final test before your website or app is done.
  • Project management: this one goes without saying. UX services provided by agencies can rely on several factors to succeed, but thankfully, the right agency will make it easy for you to cooperate when any input is needed on your part.

Other services provided by UX agencies include:

1. UI design services from a UX design agency

Often confused with UX design. While user experience represents overall customer interactions with your site, the user interface is about making your online platform look the part and supporting your user experience with an attractive design.

2. User interviews – qualitative UX services

User interviews are an in-depth method to get more insight into what your potential customers expect of a service or how they feel about a specific product. Perfect for perfecting your design before going to market with a new product.

3. The Kano model’s roles in UX services

The Kano model is about identifying the priorities of your potential customers so you can know what areas you should focus on during the UX design process, and what elements would be a waste of time and resources.

4. User testing as a UX service

User testing is a great method for filtering out potential bugs of a near-finished UX design, but also to get more specific insights about how your users feel when using a product that is still in its development phase.

5. Voice user interface design as a UX service

The most common examples of a voice user interface include Cortana, Siri, and Alexa. It is about talking to a device and instructing it to perform tasks like making a search, turning on a light, and more.

This article doesn’t nearly cover all the different services that a UX agency can provide, but it should be clear by now that there are many ways they can help you understand your target audience better and provide them with an excellent user experience!

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