NewsWhat Is the Major Components in a Cooling Tower?

What Is the Major Components in a Cooling Tower?


A cooling tower has several major components, including a Fan deck, Ductwork, Eliminator, Float valves, and a Heat Exchanger. This article will look at each of these components in more detail. The article will conclude by explaining why each component is important. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what goes into a cooling tower. You will also have a better understanding of how the tower functions.


When heat is generated in a building, it must be redirected to a cooling tower. The tower is the final destination for unwanted heat. Ductwork in a cooling tower helps to direct heat to the appropriate place. Here’s how ductwork works:

Proper water flow is critical for optimum heat transfer. If there is inadequate water flow, it can cause cavitation and reduce the efficiency of your cooling tower. Other potential problems include loose connections, clogged strainers, excessive vibration, and failing bearings. Additionally, operating outside of the design parameters may result in premature failure of your equipment. In addition to regular inspection, a preventive maintenance program should be established to monitor and maintain the cooling tower’s mechanical and electrical systems.

Fan deck

The fan deck in a cooling tower is an integral part of a cooling tower’s mechanical structure. Unlike other cooling tower components, the fan deck is usually accessible only through a mechanical access door. The cooling tower manufacturer typically provides the access door and a maintenance platform for the contractor to bolt onto the steelworks structure. These devices allow the contractor to perform full maintenance without the need to risk damage to the cooling tower.

The cooling tower fan deck houses the motor and gear unit that drive other cooling tower components. A high-quality fan deck will be constructed of super-wide aluminum blades, a steel hub, and a low-speed, enclosed motor. The fan will deliver large air volume and reliable performance. When installed correctly, a cooling tower fan can last for years. Stratus offers fan decks with motors, fans, and gearboxes. The company also offers turnkey installations that include steelwork and piping


An Eliminator in a cooling tower is a filtering device that prevents excess water from draining into the cooling tower. The eliminator alters the air-flow direction and causes water droplets to gather and agglomerate. As they agglomerate, they overcome the velocity of the discharge air stream and flow back into the cooling tower. As a result, the airflow within the cooling tower decreases, and water droplets are more easily contained. The main function of a drift eliminator is to prevent water from escaping out of the cooling tower by drift. It also prevents chemically contaminated water from entering the atmosphere. Different designs of drift eliminators are available and they are usually instilled into the system during the fitting process. Depending on the type of filter, it either directs or forces the stream back into the cooling tower. This reduces water loss and emission from the cooling tower, as well as decreases the stress level in the cooling tower.

Float valves

Float valves are used to control the water level in a cooling tower. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from DN15 to DN300. They are commonly manufactured from cast iron or bronze, with the exception of exotic materials. For optimum valve life, they should be installed on the top half of the cooling tower. There are several advantages to using float valves.

A float valve can open or close automatically in a cooling tower. This mechanism is essential to keep the water level constant during cooling tower operation. Without this valve, the hydration work would stop while the water level is high. However, once the water level is low enough, the spray water would continue to run. As a result, the float valve could be causing water loss in a cooling tower.


A cooling tower has several important components. The structure supports the cooling tower and provides room for pipework and maintenance activities. It can also mount seismic systems, wind restraints, vibration mounts, and maintenance platforms. The casing is the enclosing structure around most of the cooling tower components and contains the spray. The material used to make the casing can be galvanized steel, stainless steel, fiberglass, or a combination of these materials.

Some Replacement Parts

You may not be aware of all the cooling tower replacement parts that are required for your system. It may be difficult to determine which parts are in need of replacement and which ones can be repaired or replaced easily. To avoid any misunderstanding, it is recommended to contact a cooling tower repairing company for assistance. These professionals are equipped to identify problems and offer you the right cooling tower replacement parts at the best price.  The performance components of your cooling tower are the fans, motors, belts, gearboxes, driveshaft’s, etc. If any of these components fail, your cooling tower may experience malfunction or failure. Aftermarket cooling tower replacement parts can be more affordable than brand-new parts. However, they should still meet the specifications of the original manufacturers. Failure of the airflow may be the first sign that a part needs to be replaced.


The cooling towers are indispensable in industries. Some of these processes involve extreme heat. In order to maintain the temperature of a building, the cooling towers must dissipate the heat. These towers act as giant radiators that keep huge commercial properties cool. Cooling towers work in conjunction with chillers to remove heat from large buildings. They are typically made of pultruded fiberglass reinforced polyester and can be easily repaired.

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