What is a Dream Diary?

Think of your regular diary. In it, you tell your own stories of what happened in a day of your life. You talk about what certain events or people made you think about or made you feel like in your regular diary. If something amazing happens to you, you get excited and tell it in your diary. Similarly, a dream diary is where you talk about your dreams. In it, you tell the story of what happened in your dream.

Especially for people who have dreams as often as every night, having a dream diary is very useful and fun. Think about it, every single night is another adventure! Almost every day you wake up and remember that you had a dream last night. And almost each one of those dreams tells a different story. These stories are reflected on you by your subconscious, which takes you on adventures of what you experienced in life and got stuck in your mind. So, you might want to figure out the message they want to give you.

Why Do You Need a Dream Diary?

If you want to analyze your dreams to reach some conclusions about their interpretation and possible advice they are trying to reach you with, it is a good idea to have a dream diary around. With a dream diary, you will be able to track your dreams and the events that took place in each one of them. In the end, you may even have a pattern of what your dreams are trying to tell you. Keeping a dream diary and then reading all the records you kept will make you feel like you wrote your own stories or have the scenario of your very own movie!

For instance, you see a specific person in your dream that you have never seen in your life before. You wonder who that person is, you keep thinking whether you have ever encountered that person. You write down every feature you remember about them from their physical appearance to the way they talked in your dream diary. Weeks pass, you see the same person in your dream again and you write down what you saw again. In the end, you will have character development for a person you only saw in your dreams thanks to your dream diary!

Having a dream diary is both fun and useful. Sure, you can have bad dreams, too. But they would only add some excitement to your story. And even in bad dreams, there are important patterns of what our subconscious mind is trying to reflect on us. Thanks to a dream diary, you can follow those patterns and have your conclusion about your dreams.

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