NewsWhat Does The Executive Protection Training Program Include?

What Does The Executive Protection Training Program Include?


Today many people are looking for professional protection when they go out of their homes. It’s the constant concern of rich people and the ones that are VIPs and cannot easily hide from their fans. An Executive Protection training requires all your care and discipline to ensure you have more chances to complete it before others do. Remember that in training camps like the one of the Pacific West Academy, applicants compete for positions in the personal guard of politicians or other businessmen who constantly need their services.

For that reason, it would be a lot better to know what this program is made of to understand its notion and what you can do to make it better. Some people also know that they can’t follow such intense training. They deserve to know that before they even enroll in the classes, they lose valuable time and money. Here are the several stages that a trainee should pass when the executive protection program finally starts. 

Fighting Stage

First, you need to pass through the fighting stage. A score of fighters is there to give you a hard time passing through. Their goal is to make you feel scared and try to intimidate you. That’s one of the most important stages you will pass during your training. You will have other people laugh at you or try to make you feel inferior to your counterparts. No matter what happens, it’s easier for you to fight and stand tall than accept your fate.


Sometimes the fight could be transferred to the sea, river, or lake. People who have received attacks from intruders may have also been taken to swimming pools and held there for a significant time until they decide what to do with them. Learning how to swim and even more how to fight under the water is your primary goal here. Listen to your instructors, take a deep breath and start hitting your opponent where it hurts more. These are the ways to make it clear to others that you will fight for yourself and the protege.


Running is among the essential pieces of training when it comes to executive protection training. You cannot imagine a person that will not be able to run and have the aspiration to deal with intruders. People who register for such training sessions should be in the right shape and physical condition to run faster than others expect and turn the situation upside down for their benefit. Being able to stay away from the conflict sight could give them the competitive edge to become winners during the upcoming fight.

Careful Walking

Others prefer to perform careful walking. It makes your balance even better and gives you more chances to avoid a fight. Careful walkers are there to give you more incentives to win, and that kind of training belongs to the ones necessary to get your executive protection training degree.

Reckless Fast Driving

For most people, reckless driving is something they have never tried. However, when being in the executive protection training, you may be required to have reckless driving sessions to ensure that you know how to avoid people who want to reach you and capture you. It usually takes an open space to perform such a practice, but you can also try it on busy city streets where fast driving becomes even more dangerous.

Riding Motorcycles

Another way to protect people from getting attacked or kidnapped would be to know how to ride a motorcycle. People should be aware of the perils these motorcycles could cause to their health and integrity. However, it is the best way to leave the attack site and get your protected person in a safe house. 

Stealing A Vehicle

If you don’t know how to steal a vehicle, you will learn after attending the right executive protection training session. Terrorist groups target people from all around the world. If you know how to steal and initiate a vehicle, you have elevated chances to get out of the attention range of the attackers.

Shooting Targets

One of the primary training available to all people who join the executive protection club is target shooting. You need to know where to shoot and what is the best weapon to use. The existence of the right weapon, filled with bullets at the right timing, could save your life. Attackers are usually surprised to find a person that can shoot at their sight and become more dangerous as time passes by. You have fewer chances to get captured in a siege when you use your weapons wisely and fire to find the right target when others directly attack you.

Fight with a Sword

Another great way to deal with attackers would be to fight using a sword or a knife. Even though it’s tough to carry swords in plain view, it’s one of the most effective weapons against enemies. All people who carry swords have a competitive advantage compared to others who are bare-handed. The sight of a sword is fearful for all people, even for those who carry a gun. That’s why you should always use a sword or a long knife to threaten them even before the fight starts. Such weapons are among the first that are viable and effective during a siege or an unpredictable attack.

Fight with bare hands

The last and most intense way to fight against enemies would be with your bare hands. It’s the last resort, but it takes nothing else than your body structure and muscle power. It’s a part of the most competitive executive protection training program that makes it possible to succeed only when you learn the right punches and uppercuts. You don’t have to be passive when receiving a bare-handed attack. It’s always better to know your abilities and limits and start kicking and punching as if there is no other solution. After all, you need to protect yourself and build a reputation around your name.

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