What Determines Safety Boots Preference in Workplace

The protection of the feet is an element that should not be neglected. It should be noted that nearly 7% of work accidents are foot injuries. Indeed, the risks are multiple depending on the activity carried out. Safety boots provide workers with adequate protection and allow them to work in the most demanding conditions.

4 Clarifications on Safety Boots Price in Kenya

Safety boots are framed by the EN 20345 standard just like safety shoes. They are mainly S3 and S4 standards, that is to say, they are antistatic, have a safety shell, a non-slip sole, an anti-perforation sole, and a waterproof upper.They also absorb shocks at the heel.

Safety boots are to be chosen according to the profession concerned. Some models are intended for construction professionals while others are intended for farmers and landscapers or the food industry. The materials used are mainly rubber and leather.

Selecting the Best Safety Boots

Selecting suitable safety footwear may be difficult, especially if one doesn’t have most of the necessary information. If someone is looking for safety footwear, there are several designs and manufacturers to choose from. Thus, safety Boots price in Kenya depends on the quality of the boot and the type of occupation of the buyer.

. workplace hazards and dangers

Different safety boots have various characteristics designed to provide adequate protection in distinct environments. For example, if you operate in an environment where you will be prone to water, it’s indeed critical to purchasecompletely waterproof safety boots. If you operate with heavy machinery, the boots should help you stay safe in the event of an accident.

. Size & height of the safety boots

it is the best thing to go for the large size. This allows your feet to breathe over a long day at work. When you wish to add fills, wear heavy Seamless socks for women.

The working circumstances and dangers involved will decide the height of the shoes. In most cases, safety boots that measure 16 to 21cm are perfect. They cover the feet and support the ankles.

. Support of the boots

A decent pair of boots should provide adequate foot support. This is determined by a few footwear characteristics operating together to provide the user with the support necessary to make them comfortable. To check on support, examine the outsole, insole, midsole, shoe height, and shank construction.

. Hygiene and foot care

Best safety boots must not only provide protection, but they must also be comfy and caring for the user’s feet. The boots must be comfortable to wear for air to circulate inside the boots. They must also be moisture-wicking to prevent wetting the feet.


Due to safety regulations, many factories now encourage or require their employees to wear suitable safety footwear.Injury to your feet can be debilitating, regardless of what other precautions have been taken in the place of work, and of course no one wishes to keep with such an injury which might have been avoided!

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