NewsWhat are Hospital Bed Types Are There?

What are Hospital Bed Types Are There?


Hospital beds are available in a range of sizes and configurations. Modern hospital beds are extremely adaptive to the changing demands of patients and people who are transferring from one hospital to another. Many people require a flat, clear surface to sleep on. For comfort or treatment, many conscious patients require head, foot, and occasionally knee elevation.

Individuals in recovery require Hospital bed Hamilton Ontario, which are not fit for standard beds. Hospital beds are distinguished from conventional beds by their ability to adjust the bed’s height, mattress head, and mattress foot. This post will go over all of the greatest modern hospital bed options, as well as the elements to consider when selecting the best hospital bed rental for your specific needs.

What is the average size of a hospital bed?

The diameter of a hospital bed ranges from 35 centimeters to inches. 35 inches is the most popular size. Many hospital beds are between 75 and 88 inches long. The average length of a hospital bed is 80 cm. Wider and longer hospital beds are more comfortable for patients and more adaptable to persons of various sizes. By using extension kits, a variety of hospital beds may be made larger to suit larger patients.

A hospital bed extension kit is available for Drive Medical’s Full Electric Hospital Bed (15005) and Ultra-Light Semi Electric Bed (15006). (15030). In the hospital bed sector, beds that can be stretched in width and length to accommodate various patients are a current trend. The Primus Expansion Bed exemplifies this most current innovation.

Types of Hospital Beds

Elevation adjustments assist patients since they recover faster and feel more at peace. With a hospital bed frame at the low position, it is easier to get in and out of bed. When the patient is at his or her most vulnerable, caregivers should intervene. Elevating the head and/or foot, depending on whether the patient is awake or asleep, will aid treatment and comfort. Full-electric, semi-electric, manual, low bed, Bariatric, and Trendelenburg are the six most prevalent types of hospital beds.

Full Electric Hospital Bed

In a completely electric bed, the height of the bed frame, the height of the header, and the height of the footer may all be altered electrically. Most fully electric hospital beds come with a remote control that allows the patient to select the most comfortable position. To protect the patient from possibly dangerous repositioning, many full electric beds provide the option of shutting off the patient controls. In specific cases, many hospital beds have controls in the bottom panel that allow the caregiver to change the bed angle. The Invacare 5410VC and Graham-Field Patriot Homecare Bed are the most popular full-electric beds.

Semi Electric Hospital Bed

Semi-electric hospital beds include the same hand-cranked frame height adjustment features as full-electric hospital beds. The header and footer are not related in any way. Semi-electric beds used to be far less expensive than full-electric beds, but technical advancements have brought the prices of these two types of hospital beds closer together. The Value Care Duo is the most cost-effective semi-electric hospital room. The Invacare 5310IVC is one of the most popular semi-electric beds. Semi-electric beds are a wonderful choice for people who don’t adjust their bed’s height too often.

Manual Hospital Bed

Without the use of power, manual beds can be adjusted. Hand cranks located across the bed allow you to modify the height of the bed and mattress. For less than $600, you can acquire a manual hospital bed. The Drive Medical Manual Hospital Bed is the cheapest manual hospital bed on the market. The Invacare 5307IVC is the most common model.

There are several types of hospital beds to choose from depending on the patient’s needs. By comparing the pros and downsides of each type of Hospital bed Hamilton Ontario, you will be able to select the best hospital bed for your unique needs. To rent a hospital bed, give us a call. Please contact us if you have any questions about the best therapies for you.

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