Washi Tape: Why Do You Need it?

Over the years, washi tape, simply called masking tape in Japan, has won the hearts of DIY enthusiasts around the world! The reasons for the success of colored tapes are simple but clever: it sticks almost everywhere, it can be loose and uniquely attached, and you can remove it if something goes wrong if you want a new design.

From diaries to interiors, Japanese washi tape brings a splash of color and originality to everything you feel like decorating! If you don’t know where to start but want to try the fun trend, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled several easy and quick DIY projects to help you walk through the door into the colorful world of tapestry and craft!

Handmade Stationary Goods – Pens

This colorful writing hack will require a few tweaks here and there, but you’ll love the results. We used custom washi tape on the sides, not the length, to connect the designs and colors. Using something like a bobby pin can help secure the tape under the clip. For maximum efficiency, make sure the tape ends are all connected.

A greeting card

Much like a gift bag, it’s easy to make a custom, unique greeting card with washi tape. You can buy a card and decorate it or make it yourself from colored cardboard, for example. Design doesn’t have to be complicated – some tapestry designs will already turn your card into something special.


Notebooks are essential for everyday life at work, college, or school. Why not give some unique character to your favorite book with the help of washi tape? It turns every run-of-the-mill product into a single creation! We highly recommend mixing different types of colors and patterns, and even adding stamps and seals as well, to really make your book shine.


No more dog ears for your books! All you need is an envelope, the color is up to you! Cut a corner and secure it with tape. Amazingly, it stays on whatever page you’re reading and doesn’t fall off easily.

A Pyramid Shaped Gift Bag

This little DIY project is perfect for small gifts, like a few homemade cookies or a gift card. You need an envelope pocket of the size you want, that’s all. The closed bottom part will be the bag, so cut about half to a third from the bottom.

Now, open the envelope and fold it up, diagonally to the bottom – to make a pyramid, so to speak. Bend the open top slightly to create a small crease that you can cover with a piece of tape. Decorate your little gift bag with washi tape however you like!

Binder Clips

Decorating regular binders with masking tape is a simple and subtle way to spice up your everyday life at work, college, or school. We went for a two-tape design, simply wrapping each line around the entire clip. It’s up to you whether you want to close the curved top or not – that’s the only part that needs to be broken.

Photo Frame

We started with a run-of-the-mill photo and picked three different masking tapes that went well with the frame’s beige color. Just put the tape up and down and don’t worry if it sticks over the edges. That can be easily fixed with a paper cutter! To make the tape smaller, we simply divide the long strip in half with regular scissors.

Smartphone Case

Yes, even your smartphone is not safe from a washi tape makeover! We used a clear, soft case and wide custom washi tape designed for indoor use, but any type of washi tape will do.

Going for a simple but stylish design, we started with the white floral tape, placing the case over the ruler to make sure we were getting a good 90-degree angle, then doing the same with the black tape.

In our case, we decided not to cover the edges of the story (because that’s where it would start to melt quickly from daily use) and to use scissors and a cutting paper to get a smooth cut. That’s also how we make the hole for the camera – just put a piece of cardboard down!

Excellent Kitchen items- Cutlery

Every picnic and barbecue can be spiced up with this simple recipe. It’s truly smooth – all you need to do is cowl the manage with an unmarried strip of tape and it already looks amazing. Whether or not you cowl the lower back once more or simply have the time forward is as much as you.

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