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Top 7 Costa Rica Fish Species for Los Suenos sportfishing 


Costa Rica is known for its beautiful beaches and places for tourists to visit. But it is one of the best places in Central America for deep-sea fishing. In fact, Costa Rica’s water is home to a number of species that are considered to be in danger of going extinct. 

If you want to go fishing on vacation or just while you’re visiting this beautiful country, here are some fish you might want to try to catch. If you want to know more about Los Suenos sportfishing then visit the website.


Sailfish move quickly and are nimble. You can catch them with a light tackle, but it’s not easy. The sailfish is a great fish to eat and a lot of fun to catch when you use heavy tackle and a big sinker that weighs about 40 pounds. Sailfish are one of the few types of fish that can jump out of the water, which, if nothing else, is fun to watch. 


Marlin is a big sport fish that is known for being fast, strong, and agile. It lives in warm and warm-to-hot waters all over the world. Anglers like them because they are large, beautiful, and strong. Marlin can be caught using a rod and reel, a fly, trolling, or spearfishing. 

Marlin have a long bill that they use to stun their prey like bonito or mackerel before they eat them. They also use the bill to protect themselves from other marlins who might try to steal their food. The biggest marlin that has ever been caught was 1,200 pounds! 

Dorado (Mahi-mahi) 

The dorado is a slim, fast-swimming fish with bright colors and a streamlined body. Even though it can be caught with light tackle, many anglers think of the dorado as a game fish because of how hard it fights. 

Dorado is also a very popular food fish in many parts of the world. After being filleted, it is often served fresh or dried and salted. This species’ meat has a great flavor that makes it enjoyable to eat even when it isn’t cooked in a special way. 

Yellowfin tuna 

Yellowfin tuna, also called bigeye tuna or yellowfin tuna, is a type of large marine fish that is divided into two subspecies: the Atlantic (Thunnus albacares) and the Pacific (Thunnus obesus) (T. albacares). The Atlantic type lives in the western Atlantic Ocean, from Nova Scotia to Uruguay, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Its native range goes all the way to Africa, where it migrates from April to December to breed. 

Yellowfin tuna fish live in tropical waters all over the world, but they aren’t native to Costa Rica. Instead, they come here from April to December to breed. Anglers usually catch them with trolling lures like fly lines or jigs with bait on them. However, they can also be caught with live bait like ballyhoo or squid if they know where these predators hang out during migration. 

Yellowfins have a white belly with big black spots on an orange-yellow background. As they get older, the spots fade toward their tails, which shows how big they are. Even with polarized sunglasses, they are pretty easy to catch because of how they are colored. Sunlight reflects off of this surface, making them look brighter than other fish. 


The Roosterfish is a Jack family member that lives in tropical and subtropical waters. When fishing for Roosterfish, most people use light spinning gear. They are often caught in deep water trawls by accident. 


Name of fish: Wahoo. 

They live in tropical and temperate waters, and they can be found on many different surfaces. 

Water type: Tropical to warm-temperate seas worldwide; often near coral reefs. 

What it eats: It mostly eats things with bones, like squid and shrimp, but sometimes it will also eat small sharks or other marine mammals. 

Mackerel snapper 

One of the most popular sport fish in Costa Rica is the mackerel snapper, which is called Lutjanus synagris. It is also a great fish to eat, and the way it fights on the line makes it a prized catch. When cooked, the meat of this fish is firm, but it doesn’t taste as good as other snappers, like the red snapper. 

It lives in both rocky areas out at sea and coral reef flats near the shore. This kind of animal grows to about 20 inches long and lives for at least 15 years. 

Snook Snook are a popular sport fish that live in rivers and estuaries. They have a mild taste and are good to eat. Their fight is usually better than their taste, because when they are hooked, they put up a great fight.


The best way to learn more about these kinds of fish is to go fishing for them yourself. They are a great way to start fishing, and they can be very rewarding. Don’t wait any longer; start making plans for your next fishing trip right now. Besides that, if you want to know more regarding the website then go to the website.

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