Travelling across Western Europe is a dream many nurture when studying or working at their first job. But the true way to experience the history and culture first hand, develop friendships, and make memories that will last a lifetime, is to backpack across the region. While setting financial goals for the long and short term, many list ‘backpacking across Western Europe’ as a goal. Some even consider taking a personal loan to breathe life into this dream. The ease of applying for one and the attractive interest rates on personal loans makes it a viable option.

When planning a backpacking trip, especially to Western Europe, a fair amount of research goes into making the itinerary. While every part of the region has a lot to offer, Netherlands, Germany, and Austria top the list. The nightlife, the history, and the art in these regions are riveting. Travelling to these places and within the countries themselves is kind to your wallet. Planning any trip requires you to start with a budget. The budget has to cover airfare, visa fees, travel paraphernalia, travel insurance, boarding and lodging, internal travel, and recreational expenses.

While you may have been saving up for this trip for a while, opting to take on a personal loan to cover the expenses may prove to be more prudent. Make sure to do your research and finalise a personal loan that has an interest rate that is reasonable. Using a personal loan EMI calculator, you can understand how investing what you have saved up earns you more than what the personal loan interest rates would cost you.

While researching, you can shortlist all the places you want to visit on your trip. From cobblestone streets and canal houses in the Netherlands, the pulsing nightlife of Berlin in Germany, to embracing the scenic beauty of Austria, these top countries of Western Europe have something special for every visitor. Your list will reflect your interests and travel goals and will enable you to sufficiently budget for it.

The month in which you plan to travel also plays a crucial role in building your itinerary. The red, rust and gold colours of Autumn make it the best time to travel to Austria. The food and beverages make a special appearance in the Netherlands between September and November, while summer in Germany is simply breathtaking. Peak seasons usually mean crowd throngs and a sharp increase in airfare and stay expenses, further extending your budget. Travelling off-season allows you to explore the soul of the country unsullied by tourists.

While you may opt to get a personal loan to cover your expenses, it is still prudent to spend smart on your travels. From staying at hostels to renting apartments within the area, these options could prove to be more reasonable than staying at a hotel. Not only is it more budget-friendly, but it further enhances your experience of mixing with the locals or like-minded people from across the globe. When travelling internally, explore the regions on foot or opt for public transport. Not only is this easier on your pocket, but it also adds to the travel experience.

Be it Austria, the Netherlands, Germany or a combination of them all, it is great to check this experience off your bucket list. The key to a gratifying backpacking trip is to understand what you want to get from the trip and plan your itinerary and personal loan accordingly. Whether it is the food, the history, the people or the experiences that beckon, it is what calls you that sets the tone of your trip.

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