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The Seven Safety Steps to Take Before Handling an 80 Lower


An 80% lower receiver has no serial number and costs less. Unfinished firearms cannot be made to function and will not function without extra crafting. Unfinished 80% lowers are unable to accept triggers or hammers, therefore they cannot be tricked into firing live bullets. However, you need to adhere to a few safety precautions when buying or using your 80% lower receiver.

  1. Gun Control Laws

Once drilled, dissected, or otherwise modified, your 80% lower turns into a weapon. In order to determine whether or not it’s lawful in your state, it’s required to review both the federal and state firearm laws. Prior to making a purchase, be sure to conduct thorough research to prevent any future inconveniences and problems.

  1. Ensure Quality

A small error can have serious consequences. Make sure everything is functioning properly and is situated exactly where it should be. Painter’s tape should be used while finishing an 80% lower since exposed aluminum can corrode and oxidize. 

  1. Approved Dealers

Make sure to get tools and equipment from true 80% merchants. 80% lowers are available for purchase on Shop now to buy some of the best lowers on the market. Buying such supplies and instruments from just anyone can be problematic and time-consuming. However, buying from a reputable dealer will often aid with after sales services.

  1. User Guide

Take time to look through the user handbook. Instructions should be read before being followed. If you run into trouble, take a break and carefully read the handbook again. You don’t want to be speculating or making assumptions. The internet, especially YouTube, is often a good backup if reading the user manual doesn’t work. 

  1. Tool Measurements

A depth collar, often referred to as a stop collar, is fastened to the drill bits to ensure that the drill doesn’t go any deeper than necessary. These depth collars must always be stopped in order to be checked to see if they need to be readjusted because they are tightened at a specified measurement. For the product to function properly and smoothly, the measurements must be precise and accurate.

  1. Lubricants

Use a lubricant, preferably cutting oil, to prevent heat and friction from building up. This will make drilling simpler and more pleasant because excessive heat and friction could melt the aluminum used to manufacture the 80% lower and damage the tools.

  1. Unfinished 80% Lower

It’s against the law in some jurisdictions to carry an unfinished 80% lower beyond six months of purchase. Make sure to check the requirements of where you live.

Although it may be simple to build a firearm, take safety precautions to protect yourself and those around you. Therefore, use caution and refer to the above safety advice before constructing a customized gun.

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