NewsThe most popular Coworking spaces in Koh Phangan


The most popular Coworking spaces in Koh Phangan

If you’re thinking about being a digital nomad in Asia, Koh Phangan is a great area to base yourself. Located in the center of Thailand, this idyllic island has many beautiful beaches and lush jungles.

When it comes to culture and friendliness in Thailand, you can’t go wrong. This part of Koh Phangan has permanently changed. It was once regarded as Thailand’s hippie island, then became recognized for its nightlife. As a spiritual/wellness center, eco-tourism attraction, and shelter for digital nomads, it has become increasingly popular in recent years for Coworking spaces in Koh Phangan.

The Best Places to Work on Koh Phangan

Even if you’re on vacation for half the year, it’s understandable that you’d want to give attention to your business. Because of its natural beauty and lightning-fast Internet, the island of Koh Phangan has become a popular destination for digital nomads.

Srithanu’s (coworking & coliving)

It is hard to visit Koh Phangan without stopping by Beachub, its most recognizable coworking space. Right next to Zen beach, as its name says. The first oceanfront coworking space in the world makes this coworking space stand out.

In addition to the tropical atmosphere, you’ll be able to get your job done in a professional-grade environment as soon as you’re done with work or want a break, head to BeacHub’s air-conditioned workstation, which features comfortable desks, 300MB internet, complimentary water and coffee, and direct beach access.

As far as food is concerned, you’ll be able to eat at their restaurant, which serves only organic fare. In addition, there is a nice co-kitchen.

There will, of course, be amenities associated with the beach! Relax in one of the space’s hammocks, chill-out areas, or free coffee while enjoying the beach. It’s possible to live and work on the beach thanks to BeacHub’s on-site lodging options.

To get to the coworking space in Srithanu, you can take a motorcycle taxi or rent one. There is free parking for both cars and bicycles at this location.

La Casa Tropicana by Remote and Digital, Baan Tai (coworking & coliving)

The La Casa Tropicana by Remote & Digital is the ideal place to work, relax, and experience the local culture all at the same time. This is a beachfront coworking space with various facilities to make your time here both productive and enjoyable.

It doesn’t get any better than this. In addition to a full-service restaurant and bar, the establishment hosts a variety of networking activities each day. It’s possible to meet many people at these gatherings, including locals and fellow digital nomads.

You’ll find all the modern conveniences you need at La Casa, explicitly designed for the digital nomad lifestyle of today’s millennials. In addition to various programs for businesses and professional organizations, there are standing workstations, ergonomic seats, beanbags, excellent meals, and beverages. The hotel even has a swimming pool, a yoga studio, and a meditation area, so you have many ways to unwind while on vacation.

It’s the perfect place to learn how to build a successful business or career while relaxing on the beach. Only a few people can say that!

In Baan Tai, it costs $60 for a one-month membership. Investing in all the activities and events alone is enough to justify the cost. La Casa’s digital nomads will appreciate what they have to offer individuals who want to enjoy the beach while working on their businesses and jobs.

Srithanu’s Sunset Hill, designed by Remote&Digital

Remote&Digital at Sunset Hill is positioned on the rooftop of a building that overlooks the Bay of Thailand from a hilltop location. This is one of the island’s newest coworking spaces for digital nomads searching for something elegant but reasonable.

From high-speed Internet to unlimited coffee, it has everything a digital nomad needs for work and leisure. Even if it isn’t just a few feet from the beach, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation while you’re at work, thanks to its open space and architecture designed to inspire.

It’s also a terrific place to meet new people and grow your professional network because it has a lot of exciting activities, events, and workshops to offer. You may relax and work simultaneously in Sunset Hill, where you can eat delicious meals and drink alcoholic beverages.

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