NewsThe easiest solution for sweet dreams


The easiest solution for sweet dreams

We all know there is no such thins as ideal parents, but those who manage to put their kids to bed in no time, with seemingly no efforts at all honestly resemble the perfect type. But you don’t need to be Mary Poppins for it, you just need the right tools. And by tools we mean a weighted blanket for kids, one that suits perfectly their figure, nice and comfy, guaranteeing they will sleep until morning, with no interruptions.

The magic resides in the feeling it gives them. It is very similar to the one of being hugged really really tight, making them feel safe and secure allthrough the night. Age or gender doesn’t matter, as the Hazli weighted blankets come in a variery of colours and sizes, suitable for toddlers, kids and even teenagers alike. It simply cannot get any better, as its composition is perfect – 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber. It has a removable minky cover you can wash as many times as you want, making sure everything stays in the right place for a perfect weight distribution. The key to its 100% efficiency is the fact that this triple layered composition ensures a constant body temperature and prevents beads leakage for perfect weight distribution.

The principle is so simple, you wonder how come nobody thought of it before, as it builds upon the idea of swaddling and its benefits that come a long way througout the history of mankind. From early infancy, the key to helping kids sleep without waking up (during the night and not only) is making them feel as safe as possible, like they did in the 9 months their mommy carried them. The intrauterine environment is kind of crowded, so the sensation of being tucked away as close as possible is similar to that. This is what a weighted blanket for kids does, building upon an instinctual need we all have, but children are more sensitive to.

The weighted blanket for kids with removable cover from Hazli have gone the extramile for your children’s comfort and your owns. They only have top quality fabrics that prevent sweating whilst preserving the ideal body temperature. Their cover can be machine washed, so that you can make sure it’s all hygienic and clean with no efforts at all. And it can match the passion of your little one for a certain colour or the theme of their bedroom. The only thing you need to be careful about is choosing the right size, as it needs to be 10% of the body weight of the person it hugs and has to fit closely their body no matter their favorite sleeping position. After this two criteria are met, your life as a family will completely change. Everyone will be well rested in the morning, as a child sleeping at least 8 hours in a row translates into a peaceful night sleep for his/her parents too. Like all great ideas, this is revolutionary, as it answers a basic human need, one you can’t get rid of, being simply written in our genes.

You owe it to yourself and your kid to try it, as it makes everything it promises and much more Visit now best website:

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