Rent Car in Dubai: Choose a Car, Rent One and Enjoy Your Ride

Most tourists and travellers believe that the best way to explore an unfamiliar country is to travel there by car. It is difficult to disagree with their opinion. After all, it allows you to get the freedom of movement and acquaintance with the sights of new cities. Also, car rental allows motorists to test a new car for themselves while travelling.

However, such an exciting trip may not always bring pleasant surprises and even problems if you do not exclude their occurrence in advance. Therefore, to have only positive reviews from rent a car Dubai, you must follow several important rules when renting or junk my car texas a car

Required Documents for Renting a Car

The list of documents for renting a vehicle is not very long, especially for individuals. They only need to provide a driver’s license and an identity document.

But the representative of the organization, to get a car for rent, will need the Charter and constituent documents in the form of certified copies, plus the representative’s passport, driver’s passport and driver’s license. In both cases, a potential renter will most likely have to fill out a special questionnaire and enter their information about participation in an accident, driving experience, rental purposes, etc. It is better not to enter false information into it. The landlord will check the information from the questionnaire for some time, and if there are discrepancies, they simply will not conclude a contract with the person.

What if a person wants to rent a car in another country? This also usually presents no problems. Of course, it happens that the host country has special requirements for tenants. However, in most cities in the world, the list of documents provided is approximately the same.

The Procedure for Receiving a Vehicle

Before signing documents and paying for services, first, you need to read the terms of insurance and the lease agreement carefully. Particular attention should be paid to the deductible amount, if any, and civil liability insurance. The presence of a deductible is considered a disadvantage for the client since any insurance company pays the costs upon an insured event minus this amount. Many rental companies block the amount of money as collateral on the client’s credit card until the end of the lease agreement. Its size depends on the brand of the car.

Wide Range of Models

When planning to travel to Europe for an important business meeting, you should rent a car from an executive class or very rare brands. When renting luxury cars, the rental company guarantees the specific make and even the color of the car. Moreover, the renter is provided with detailed information about it, including the year of manufacture, interior color, mileage, etc. As a rule, for a business trip, they prefer to choose “Mercedes,” “BMW,” or “Audi” of the executive class. For a vacation trip, they usually order a Porsche-911 Carrera or Bentley Continental GT.

Delivery Procedure

In a traffic accident with a car, it is imperative to inform the car rental company by phone to call a representative. Otherwise, it is important to act following the rules of the insurance contract, lease and local laws of the country. In most cases, a call to the scene of the police is mandatory. In Dubai, there is a rule that allows owners of insured cars to record the accident themselves in the event of minor accidents. However, this rule does not usually apply to rented vehicles.  Try to keep insurance policies, receipts and documents issued to you when you rent a car for a month after the end of the rental.

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