Renovate or Rebuild—How to Decide

Your home needs some changes, but do you renovate or knock everything down and rebuild?  Make sure that you list the pros and cons before deciding on either one can be a big expense. If you are unsure which to do, talk to a builder Macedon Ranges for their help and what they suggest.

Here are some things to consider that can help make your decision.

  • Consider the age of the home—they do not make homes as they use to with the decorative ceilings and beautiful timber floors. Do you want to knock your home down and rebuild knowing you will lose these great features?  It may be a little more expensive to renovate it but considering what you will be keeping might be worth it.  Leaving these features will help your home stand out from the others around you.
  • Weigh the costs—it would be cheaper to tear it down and rebuilt your home if you are planning to do an extensive renovation with a lot of structural changes. If you are unsure, contact home renovation Macedon Ranges for their opinion.  On average you can build a new single-story home for $200,00.  If you tear down and rebuild, you will get to customize everything from the number of windows to how the kitchen will be set up.  New homes are easier to maintain, more energy-efficient, and less susceptible to termites.  If you just renovate the house, you may still have these issues.
  • Market conditions—where land is scarce, knocking down and rebuilding your home might be a better strategy. Your rebuilt home may add market value if it is in an area that is close to the city or beach.  Talk to a real estate agent if you have any questions.  They will have a good idea of how the market is and whether it is a good idea to rebuild instead or renovate.
  • Consider the block—this is in regard to the foundation. Some blocks are more difficult to build on than others.  Check with a builder Macedon Ranges to see if the block would be easy to rebuild on before you decide.  One thing to note is that it is cheaper and simpler to knock it down and then rebuild it on a flat block than it would be on a sloping block.
  • Check with the council—before you do anything, you need to check with the council first as they all have different planning laws. You want to make sure that it is okay to tear it down and rebuild it.


If you still have questions take to home renovation Macedon Ranges for their opinion.  Ask them to give you an estimate on what it would cost to renovate and to tear down and rebuild. Compare the two to help you make a uniform decision.  Take into consideration your work schedule, your family, and use this to help you decide if it is better to renovate or tear down and rebuild.  Both can be expensive and take time to do but which one works best for your situation.

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