NewsQuintrex 370 Explorer With Yamaha Outboards Ideal Fishing Boat


Quintrex 370 Explorer With Yamaha Outboards Ideal Fishing Boat

Quintrex aluminium boats are the most popular boats. They come in many types and the features of the boats vary according to range. Quintrex 370 Explorers is a perfect boat for all the adventurers out there. This boat is comfortable as it has an eclipse hull. It has a power of 80 hp and it weighs 81 kg. The motor weight is 60 kg. It runs smoothly in water. Powered with Yamaha outboards, it becomes a powerful boat which can be used for various purposes such as fishing.    

Details About Quintrex 370 Explorer

Quintrex 370 Explorer is about 3.7 m long with beamn of 1.5 m. the speciality of this boat is that it features one piece external Solid T Kell, making it extra strong. The boat is super comfortable due to the eclipse hull thus making it very user friendly. It crosses water very easily due to the V-nose punt. It has a weight of 81 kg with 60 kg as the weight of the motor itself. It comes witha front deck, bench seats.solid corners and anchor gausset. Extra added features are rowblock locks, transom handles and glovebox. This boat is a perfect option to catch fishes in the freshwater thus making it a suitable choice for fishermen. It has a power of 20 hp. It comes in two variants: Quinnie with long shaft (for 3 people) and the short shaft version (for 2 people). This boat is very stable because the eclipse hull accumulated with the V-shaped hull gives stability of a V-nose punt. All these features make the Quintrex 370 Explorer the perfect choice for fishing. This boat is also easy to load in containers and ships. 

Quintrex 370 Explorer and Yamaha Outboard

Yamaha outboards are highly efficient and offer smooth performance. Yamaha outboards in the Quintrex 370 explorer will be an excellent idea. Thus, making the boat cut through water smoothly. The cheapest outboard prices in Brisbane are provided by Brisbane Yamaha. They are the biggest sellers of Yamaha outboard at the lowest prices in Australia. Brisbane Yamaha is also the biggest dealer of Quintrex boats in Brisbane.  Brisbane Yamaha is the authorized Yamaha outboard service centre on the northside. 


Quintrex 370 Explorers is a comfortable and stable boat due to an eclipse hull. It has a power of 80 hp and runs smoothly in water. This is most commonly used in rivers and freshwater. This boat has a single- piece external Solid T Keel design. It is very user friendly and great for fishing purposes. This boat with the combination of Yamaha outboards will be an excellent boat. This boat is easy to ride and very stable. It gives a dry ride which means the people on the boat will not get wet by the water since the boat is stable. Yamaha outboards at cheapest prices are available at Brisbane Yamaha. They are also the authorized Yamaha outboard service centre on the northside. They provide other services too like repairing outboards and selling and buying boats. 

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