NewsQuestions To Ask Customers for Strong Testimonials

Questions To Ask Customers for Strong Testimonials


When potential clients visit your website or social media accounts, they will find no shortage of information on what it is your company does, how your product or service will benefit them, and where to go to learn more. But while you’re excited to have the web traffic, the ultimate goal is conversion. How can you turn this visitor into a customer?

The visitor needs to feel like they can trust you to not only address their needs, but also to increase their revenue, improve their workflow, or alleviate pain points within their business. One of the best ways to convey this is through strong client testimonials. When potential customers feel connected to your satisfied customers, they are more likely to believe you can provide them the same fantastic results.

So, how do you ensure your testimonials are having the desired effect? It’s all about asking the right questions.

Who Are You and What Do You Do?

It’s a simple and straightforward question, but it’s the best way to start a testimonial. It introduces your audience to the person being interviewed; your main character, if you will. You can ask this to be short and sweet if you want to keep the length of the video down, or you can ask follow-up questions like “Why do you do what you do?” if you want to make the video more detailed. Either way works. The important thing is that you are giving the potential customer the opportunity to relate to your current customer.

What Issue or Difficulty Did You Have Before Finding Us?

As the viewer listens to the pain points of other visitors, they will recognize the same issues in their experience or even recognize new aspects they didn’t consider. Once the audience recognizes this, they will have to stick around to find out how you were able to provide a solution. Ask the customer to provide as much detail as possible to paint a vivid picture in the viewer’s mind.

How Did You Find Our Company?

Sometimes the answer to this question is a simple Google search; other times it could be a referral. Either way, they found you and are happy that they did. When a potential client hears an existing client say that they searched for a solution and found it with your company, it tells that potential client that they are in the right place. It also allows you to identify where your customers are converting, which helps you focus your marketing efforts.

How Did We Resolve Your Issue?

This is the most important question you can ask because it’s the number one thing the potential customer wants to know. It brings a resolution to the earlier question of what issues the customer was facing before finding your company. Regardless of your desired runtime for the video, this is where you want your client to go into great detail — it’s the main topic of discussion. This is the climax of the story. Ask what their favorite part of your product or service is, what benefits they received, and what results they saw. You want them to talk as long and as freely as possible here. Did any features exceed expectations as they got their issue resolved? Again, the details here are key.

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Our Company?

People want a product or service that works, but they also want a positive overall experience. They want a relationship. Ask them what they liked about the company overall. How was the buying process and customer service? How do they feel about your overall brand? This is where your service and integrity should shine. Customers don’t want to work with companies that do bad business, no matter how good the product or service is. The customer experience is more important today than ever; a strong answer to this question will help validate your company in the eyes of the audience.

What Made You Choose Us Over a Competitor?

If the audience is doing their due diligence, then yours isn’t the only company they are looking into. This question provides validation that you are the best choice and it elevates your brand above the others. It’s important to avoid mentioning other companies by name, as that can get messy. Instead, encourage the customer to emphasize how your product or service is superior to your competitors. Ideally, they will talk about how your solutions can’t be found anywhere else. This question will also give you a better understanding of why they chose you over others so you can build on your strengths.

Start Producing Your Testimonials

Testimonials are incredible for showcasing your brand, what you do, and why you are the best choice to address the pain points of your industry. There are many ways to get testimonials, but the most successful method is through video. It’s by far the best way for potential clients to relate to the person giving the testimonial. When someone sees and hears a customer raving about what you provide, they trust you more than they would if they simply read a paragraph of text. Consider hiring a professional brand video production company when creating your video testimonials. A professional video shows legitimacy and provides a better experience. The better your testimonials are, the better results you will see.

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