Psychological Warmth – Why Do We Listen to Sad Music When Feeling Down?

All kinds of music have a powerful impact on our mind and mood. You cannot relate just a single moment with some specific music. Choice of music differs from person to person and so does your instinct. Research has claimed that music has different psychological effects on individual emotions, mind, and mood.

Ironically, but true, music seems to have a relaxing, calming, or soothing effect for all kinds of emotions. However, when it comes to sad songs, you listen to them to calm your negative feelings and uplift your mood. Traditionally and scientifically, music is a universal language that all souls understand.

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Here are a few benefits of listing sad songs –

1. Brings back to old and soothing memories

Often, you may have found music to replicate some of your life events. Whether you had a bad experience or a sad event in your past, sad songs seem to be attached emotionally to all your memories. As a human, you tend to associate your past events or persons with emotions. You try to remember those memories of events or people through such music and songs.

2. Avoids the feeling of loneliness

When you hear someone singing some sad songs, you will realize that those lyrics are not yours alone. You feel it to be the sad story of someone else too. You will recognize that many people have lost or separated from their loved ones and have emotional heartbreak at one point in their lives.

You will find them to console your sad emotions and brings soothing thoughts to find that you are not alone in whatever you are going through.

3. Helps you to remember bad memories

You may have persons and emotions that relate to some specific music and songs. When you listen to such relatable music and songs, you remember them a lot and trigger your memories to become emotionally strong. Sometimes, such music can bring a smile to your face to make you bold enough to face the reality of life. You feel like having a second chance to enter the brighter side of life.

4. Helps you to understand and express your feelings

At any instance of life, you may have suppressed your feelings of love, sadness, and anger for social reasons. This may be because of your inability to express emotions that bring depression and mental implications in your real life.

Listening to sad songs will help you to memorize those innocent mistakes and makes you strong to face them in the future. Aesthetically, you hear them repeatedly to build a stronger border against your emotions and social life.

5. Hormonal release

Biologically, your emotions are controlled by your bodily released hormones. Perhaps, sad songs make you feel sad and emotional through the replication of your past. Your negative emotions release hormones that make you cry. This gives a better understanding of our own emotions to make you feel relaxed and fills you with positive emotions.

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