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Positive and Negative Traits of Glass Tiles Making It The Best Choice


Glass tiles are the jewels of artistic home decor with a great range of colors and mesmerizing sheen. From the vibrant jewel-toned blues to tranquil shades of green, pristine white tones, to shimmering golds, there are many you will love to choose for your house or workspace. The reflectiveness of the glass tiles gives a beautiful glow to any room, even in small installations. A slight sparkle from only one or two rows of glass tiles on a wall or backsplash can add a feel of fascination to your space.

Whether you want to add depth to your neutral decor or create a full-color accent wall to get a dynamic backdrop, the glass tiles can have something to cater to every aesthetic. At the same time, has everything to offer you when looking for glass tile to achieve your desired aesthetic look. The BELK Tiles provide the style and substance they need to create an aesthetic look in their place. The BELK Tiles is your partner in every step to get the most mesmerizing artistic look for your home decor.

Learn more about the positive and negative traits of glass tiles. It will help you make the wisest decision when choosing glass tiles for your renovation project. Before that, check out what glass tiles have to offer.

What do the glass tiles have to offer?

Many people wonder why glass tiles are the best investment of time and money. Following are the reasons.

  • Easy to clean
  • Variety of color, style, and finish
  • Versatility and durability
  • Affordability with an incredible lifetime
  • Environmental friendly

Pros of glass tiles 

The pros of glass tiles include easy cleaning. It is easy to wipe splashes and grime off the glass tiles using an all-purpose cleaner or a little soapy water. The best thing is mildew and molds do not readily grow on these tiles. Zero water absorption is another one in the list of positive traits of installing glass tiles. Glass tiles are water-resistant with an absorbency rate of 0%. At the same time, you can go green with glass tiles as they are eco-friendly.

Cons of glass tiles

Expensiveness is one of the cons of glass tiles. Glass tiles are popular though it is one of the most expensive mainstream materials available. You need professional installation in the case of glass tile. Many people consider this aspect the cons of glass tiles. Glass is transparent, and adhesive is noticeable through tiles. It is hard to achieve professional-looking results if you install it yourself. 

Although glass tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles, many homeowners prefer using glass tiles in their homes. With styles, shapes, and colors encouraging a person’s creativity, glass tiles have been the popular design choice. Glass tiles have their unique style. They can last for a lifetime or even for decades when properly installed.

Glass tiles have non-porous, heat, water, and fire-resistant qualities. At the same time, they are durable and easy to clean, so they ensure the longevity of the design. It makes them the best return for the time investment. You can go for a combination of glass tiles and ceramic tiles if glass tiles are not suitable for your budget.

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