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Whether you are considering getting a Yellow-naped Amazon parrot as a pet or looking for a pet store with these wonderful birds, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover more about these goofy and energetic parrots and their characteristics. Also learn about their care and habitat. And be sure to check out our companion guide to these wonderful birds. Listed below are some of the many reasons why you should buy one.

Yellow-naped amazon parrots

When you’re looking for a beautiful bird to adopt, consider a Yellow-naped Amazon parrot. This unique bird is highly intelligent and incredibly social. They love the company of humans and other birds, and develop strong bonds with their owners. While they are not the most common species, Yellow-naped Amazons are robust and hardy birds that can be kept comfortably in an aviary or cage.

Although Yellow-naped amazons are extremely gregarious young birds, they tend to turn into more aggressive as they grow older. As a result, they are not suited for families with young children, and should never be left unattended around small children. The feather plucking and biting that often go hand in hand with anger and frustration can also lead to depression or anxiety in the bird.

Grey Macaw Price

A Grey Macaw price depends on several factors. The type of bird, its size, and its health certification are all factors. The type of bird that is hand-fed is cheaper, while the one that has been parent-raised receives nourishment from its parents. The price of a pet Macaw may also depend on the type of breeding process. A bird that has been hand-raised can be more expensive than one that has been previously owned, but a hand-fed bird will bond with its owner easily and respond to training.

African Grey Parrot For Sale in Tennessee

If you are looking for an African Grey Parrot for sale in Tennessee, you have come to the right place! This article will give you some useful tips to make your search easier. You can find an African Grey Parrot for sale in Tennessee from a breeder or a local parrot rescue organization. These organizations are an excellent resource for learning more about these magnificent birds. Most often, these organizations offer free training for novice bird owners, and their volunteers also provide information about the birds.


The yellow-naped Amazon is a gregarious bird that gathers in large flocks for feeding. It is known for its green feathers, which serve as pollinators. The yellow-naped amazon also eats seeds, but only the seeds of the plants it visits are germinated. Despite the fact that the bird feeds on seeds, the seeds are still viable in its droppings.

The yellow-naped Amazon has emerald green plumage with a band of yellow across the lower nape. The tip of its feathers are dark blue or red. Oftentimes, the yellow-naped Amazon will pollinate flowers, although the males are more colorful. These birds will also eat flowers, and they may even use the pollen on their feathers to pollinate plants.


The Yellow Naped Amazon parrot for sale is an adorable green and yellow parrot that mimics human speech. These birds are very gregarious and noisy, and their high-quality voices are surprisingly accurate. If you are considering getting one for your home, be sure to set aside a few hours each day for one-on-one interaction with your new companion. This species needs socialization to establish a healthy bond with its owner. Neglected birds can develop destructive behavior patterns, such as feather plucking, biting, and other behaviors.

The Yellow-Naped Amazon is a bird native to the Amazon rainforest and is found along the Pacific Coast. It was once widespread across South America, but has now been listed as endangered by the IUCN (World Conservation Union). Its declining population is due to habitat loss, illegal capture of young birds for the pet trade, and global climate change. Yellow-Naped Amazons are highly endangered.


The Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot is one of the rarest and most intelligent species of Amazon parrot. Their incredible speaking abilities and long life make them a great pet. They are also among the most popular types of Amazon parrot, although they are not recommended for homes with small children. The Yellow-Naped Amazon is a subspecies of the yellow-crowned Amazon parrot, and is native to the Pacific side of Central America, particularly northwest Costa Rica and southern Mexico.

The Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot’s vibrant turquoise plumage and snow-white patch at its nape make it an impressive addition to any home. Like most birds, they thrive on socialization and interaction. If neglected, however, they can develop behavioral problems and become anxious and depressed. Similarly, if you do not provide enough attention, they may begin to pluck their own feathers and may even bite people.


If you are considering getting an amazon parrot, it is probably best to choose a yellow-naped variety. This species has distinctive yellow markings. The two main varieties of Amazon parrots are the yellow-naped and the double yellow-headed. These parrots have slightly different body sizes, temperaments, and talking capabilities. Read on to learn more about these two kinds of parrots.

Before purchasing an Amazon parrot, make sure to check the health of the bird and its living conditions. Make sure to visit a veterinarian to make sure it is in good health. Then, make sure to talk to any past customers of the breeder. Avoid breeders whose birds are inactive or in cramped living quarters. Also, avoid breeders who ignore your questions and refuse to tell you anything about their birds.

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