Materials and Styles for Headstones

Death is unavoidable as much as we may not appreciate its occurrence. Therefore, making unique and dignified funeral arrangements is essential, especially when losing a loved one. Selecting the most suitable headstone is also critical as it represents a lasting memory of your deceased loved one. In addition, the engravings should be long lasting and depict the life of the departed to future generations. However, selecting the best headstone to remember your loved one can be hectic. Below are options of styles and materials to choose from.

Styles Used in Headstones

Upright Headstones

These headstones are the most traditional and most popular in the United Kingdom. An upright headstone is constructed by fixing it to the ground using a concrete bottom. The materials that make upright headstones include limestone, granite and marble. These headstones’ edges can be customized to suit your preferred shape. Likewise, they are perfect for engraving a decent quantity of messages about your loved one.

Kerbed Headstones

These headstones involve full-length headstones that engulf a grave’s entire perimeter, lying flat on the ground. Kerbed headstones are usually characterized by an upright monument at the top end. This top-end provides space for images and inscriptions. These headstones often allow more room for personal expressions. Most families prefer Kerbed headstones to let the erect sculptures and plant flowers give the graveyard a unique finish.

Flat Headstones

Flat headstones, just like upright headstones, provide a lot of space to engrave images and words. These headstones can be slightly raised on a slant or flush with the ground. Flat headstones work best in areas with harsh climatic conditions as they are from bronze or granite.

Cremation Memorials

Cremation memorials are used if the deceased was cremated. These memorials involve a hollowed-out structure to accommodate the ash vase. You can choose a design for the memorial and the vase which perfectly fits you.

Cremation Benches

Cremation benches are constructed to remember an entire family rather than an individual. These benches can feature up to six ash vases and can incorporate unique engravings and sculptures. However, these benches are more expensive since they need a larger plot.

Materials Used for Headstones

White Marble

Marbles include a bright and light recrystallized type of limestone with grey and blue colouring. This stone remains outstanding in its smooth and lovely texture, making it aesthetically pleasing. However, mild acid rain can dissolve marbles slowly, making the inscriptions hard to read. Therefore, headstones from this material are not perfect for humid areas.


This stone is the most common material for making headstones as it comes in various colours and is cost-effective. Its colours include grey, white-ish-pink, green and red. Also, granite is rugged and durable. Churchyards usually permit granite headstones.


English limestone varieties include Portland and Purbeck limestone. However, mild acidic rain can also affect this stone, making it form fossiliferous deposits on the headstone’s surface. Light-coloured limestone includes Auresina and Narbesina limestone.

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