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Kudu Hunting in South Africa

The Southern Greater Kudu is the most commonly hunted type of kudu in South Africa. Mature males of this species can weigh up to 600 pounds and are usually around 450 pounds. The smaller hornless female kudu can weigh as much as 275 pounds. Kudu ranges from the Cape of South Africa to Ethiopia, with isolated pockets extending west to southern Chad. Kudu Hunting is one of the most widely distributed African antelope, occupying semi-desert and thorn bush habitats and preferring heavy riverine cover and flat ground.

Greater Southern Kudu

The Greater Southern Kudu is an elusive, free-range antelope that typically stands 160 centimeters high at the shoulder. It is best hunted in the early summer and late fall when leaves are still on the trees, providing extra cover for the cunning bulls. When the leaves fall in July, the Kudu tend to slip into dense vegetation and disappear. During the day, they tend to congregate in small clearings.

The male greater kudu matures at about one to three years of age. The kudu begins mating at the end of the rainy season, although this depends on the region. During the dry season, the males concentrate in areas with higher grass and better water supplies. While male kudus are not territorial, they form small herds of six to 10 animals, ranging in size from five to eight. The bulls form bachelor herds when young but become solitary in old age. Kudus live 12 to 14 years on average in Africa.

Eastern Cape Kudu

A safari in South Africa will not be complete without a kudu hunt. The kudu, also known as the gray ghost, is a magnificent animal with long, spiral horns. Kudu hunting is an exciting, rewarding experience for those with a knack for spotting a good target. Kudu hunting is the most popular way to take a trophy home.

Kudu is a subspecies of antelope found only in the Eastern Cape. They have the enormous horns of all the antelopes. They have large horns; males usually measure 48-48 inches long. Kudu is known to grow as tall as 60 inches, but the average kudu is only around 50 inches in length. A good trophy should be at least 44 inches long.

Kudu Bulls

Kudu is a stately antelope with long spiral horns and is often referred to as the ‘grey ghost.’ Its horns are only found on males, and its long, white beard runs down its neck. The Kudu bull is the top target for African hunters. These beautiful creatures are shy and difficult to shoot. They can easily blend in with the terrain, which is why they are often sought after for trophy hunting.

In South Africa, the greater kudu is the most famous trophy for hunters. These animals are around 400-600 pounds, and Men are smaller than males. They can reach up to 39 inches at the shoulder and live on private farms. Hunters who want to win the Kudu Trophy may go male kudu hunting in South Africa. These magnificent creatures are elusive, and you should know how to approach them safely.

Kudu Hunting Season

Listed below are a few tips for hunting kudu in South Africa. These elusive animals are common in Eastern Cape, South Africa, and occur in significant numbers. Kudu spends the day browsing and only joining their herds during mating season. Although they form herds of up to ten animals, the males tend to remain solitary. It is advisable to use a rifle no smaller than 7mm.


The best season for Kudu Hunts in South Africa depends on the type of trophy you seek. If you’re looking for a trophy animal, a mature kudu is the most suitable trophy. Kudu hunting packages ensure you’ll bring home a trophy animal more than 60 inches in length. This makes them a great trophy year-round. Kudu hunting in South Africa is an excellent way to enjoy Africa’s spectacular wildlife and hunt the finest kudu.

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