Items Your Guests Wish You Had at Your Pool Party

You’ve decided to have a pool party to celebrate the summer. You list your guests and invite them. Some of them, when they arrive, don’t seem to have as much fun as you expected, and you wonder what you can do to change that. Perhaps you should have stocked up on sweets? Or purchased more of the RIGHT drinks from Mornington Peninsula breweries to cater for everyone’s palates? 

To prevent any frowns on the day, let’s discuss what some guests might wish for in order to have a fantastic party

Food and Drink Suited to Various Diets

There are many people who need to follow certain diets for medical reasons, but also those who are on a diet for health reasons. It is a great idea to cater to these people, so that they don’t have to bring their own food and drink. 

The new idea on the block is craft beer, and now gluten-free beer has entered the market too. Your beer-loving friends who have an intolerance will be eternally grateful that they can now drink alcohol without suffering agonising pains afterwards. 

Gluten-free pizzas, crisps, and breads are also on the market, with an abundance of options to pick from. So, no matter the theme of your menu, you have options to choose from. Add it to your shopping list and you’ll make your friends feel welcome.

The main alternative diets are for those on a high-fat diet and those people on a high protein diet– so have a lot of meat and salads around. Add oil and vinegar without the sugar, and you have a winning combination of dishes. 

Remember that some friends don’t ingest sugar, so have a sugar-alternative, such as Stevia for them to place in coffee and other hot drinks.


It doesn’t matter if people bring their own towel for personal use, it is still handy to have extra towels. They can be available for guests to lie on, used for drying their hair, and as an extra in case their own gets wet. Large towels, small towels, towels for décor – all are handy for a party.

Cooler Boxes

Nothing is worse than a warm beer on a summer’s day, right? Have cooler boxes standing around for various functions – one for beer, one for cold drinks, one for cold veggies and fruit. Everything is simply better cold when you’re out in the sun.


Many people do bring their own sunscreen, but it is always handy to have extra tubes on hand. People may forget, or they may find that they need more than they brought. And it’s essential to protect your skin, even while having fun. 

Have various options available – the stronger the better when the sun gets hot in Melbourne.

Any Form of Shade

Umbrellas not only act as colourful decorations, but your guests will thank you for enabling them to have space to cool off. A lot of shade needs to be available if you’re to prevent heatstroke. It will also make your guests comfortable so they can stay and enjoy for longer.

You need to vary between umbrellas that fit over tables, and umbrellas placed on grassy areas where people can lie down. 


What is a pool party without pool decorations? Add life, soul and spunk to your party with colourful, pool-friendly decorations. Coloured straws, paper products, lanterns, and streamers can elevate your party. You can even add tropical umbrellas to your drinks to bring a hint of the Caribbean.

If you’re having a night pool party, think of the lighting. Carefully placed candles, lanterns and electrical lights can set the mood to ensure an exceptional time. 


You can have all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours of floating objects in your pool. You might have cactus-shapes to fit with a Mexican theme or choose donuts or large tyre-tubes when catering for many people. A handy idea is to also have floatable drinks-holders. 

Add to that some devices that help those who can’t swim – they will be glad of the thoughtfulness. Not everyone has been taught to swim, and these friends also want to join in the fun—safely. 

Insulated Drinks-Containers

People not only want to start with a cool drink, but keep it cool too. Tumblers, bottles, and travel mugs will enable your guests to have their drinks at just the temperature they like it. Have some ice on hand, too, and your guests can add it whenever they like. Convenience makes for a relaxed party atmosphere.


Let your hair down with squirt-guns and water balloons. Water polo, poolside basketball and beachball are fun team games to have in a pool. 

Sometimes guests want to play lawn games – so have basketball, croquet, badminton, and spike ball all set up. Guests don’t want the effort of setting up themselves. 

Loudspeakers and Playlist

Naturally, you want to set the ambience with music. It may be relaxed Jamaican-style or more vibrant Pop-music. No matter what the theme, have a list that guests can choose from or change as they please. 


Now that you have some ideas, why not go on a shopping spree? Make that a part of the party – get some friends to come along with you. The more the merrier, right? 

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