NewsIs DevOps Certification Worth It?

Is DevOps Certification Worth It?


According to Fortune Business Insights – the “DevOps market is anticipated to reach $14,969.6 million by 2026 with a compound annual growth rate of 19.1%.”

This statement shows how rapidly the DevOps market is increasing. Due to this increase, there will be high demand for DevOps professionals with relevant skills and knowledge. With the increase in demand for DevOps professionals, many institutions started providing certification programs in the same domain. 

But what is the exact meaning of DeOps? How can the DevOps training be justified against goals and environments? Let’s have a look.

What is DevOps?

If you want to build better software faster, DevOp makes it possible. DevOps integrate development and operations to increase software development and delivery efficiency, speed, and security. It is an agile software development lifecycle that results in a competitive advantage for businesses and customers.

DevOps enables software developers and operations teams to work together to speed up the delivery of applications or software through collaboration, automation, fast feedback, and avoiding duplications. 

A DevOps delivery process builds on the cross-functional approach to build and deploy applications faster, which stems from an Agile approach to software development. Adopting a DevOps development method refers to approaching improvement in the flow of applications and value delivery by promoting a more collaborative atmosphere throughout the development cycle.

Core DevOps principles

The DevOps methodology comprises four fundamental principles that guide applications’ effective and efficient creation and deployment. Following is a list of principles that emphasize the best features of modern software development.

  • The software development lifecycle is being automated.
  • Collaboration and communication are essential.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • With short feedback loops, hyperfocus on user demands is possible.

These fundamental principles improve the quality of code and help organizations to plan a better application in a short time. 

What Is The Value of a DevOps Certificate?

If you are willing to make an efficient career in the IT field and software development is your ambition, learning industry-oriented skills may help you make a successful career. Even if you are working in the IT field and want to upgrade your skills to get promoted, joining  DevOps certification is highly recommended. 

Many companies hire individuals who have completed certification and build the relevant skills required to engage in DevOps activities. Equipping a respected DevOps qualification and accruing sufficient experience utilizing the methodology, whether as a DevOps pipeline team member, manager, or senior DevOps engineer, can make a candidate far more desirable. It can mark them for further responsibilities and advanced DevOps career options.

A certificate course in DevOps training helps build a strong career path in development and operations. Completing a certificate course can allow the person to even apply for job vacancies released by top-level companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.

Experts that have completed a professional course in DevOps training are highly in demand at top-level companies, and their salary packages are likewise competitive. DevOps experts are well compensated since every business adopts a DevOps strategy for the fast and accurate delivery of apps and software. Freshers can get a head start in a professional job with a good salary by enrolling in a Certificate Program in DevOps and Cloud engineering.

Benefits of a DevOps Culture

DevOps culture improves the productivity level of the organization and allows the delivery of software faster. This is made feasible by the Agile software development methodology, which empowers teams to be self-sufficient and deliver faster, decreasing work delays. As a result, teams can meet the market demands at market speed.

For DevOps to work as intended, various essential concepts must be implemented, including the necessity to:

  • Remove institutionalized silos and handoffs that provide barriers and limits, especially when one team’s success metrics directly conflict with another’s key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Use a single application to create a unified toolchain that allows numerous teams to share and communicate. This will allow teams to deliver faster and provide immediate feedback to one another.

Role of AI and Machine Learning in DevOps

AI and Machine Learning are streamlining to improve DevOps, but many organizations are already using these tools to make sense of the tested data. AI and ML can be utilized to find the figures and patterns out of the coding problems that may cause bugs in the application or software and notify the DevOps team to take steps over it. 

Machine learning and AI can help developers and operations professionals save time by identifying how they work best, generating suggestions within workflows, and automatically setting up preferred infrastructure configurations.


So the answer to the question “Is DevOps Certification worth it?” is yes, but it depends on the institute from which you are planning to take DevOps online training. Before joining the course, make sure well-known authorities recognize the institution. Hero Vired is a premium learning platform started by The Hero Group to offer online certification courses in industry-relevant programs to students and professionals, including a Certificate program in DevOps and Cloud engineering. This institute is partnered with world-class institutions to train youngsters and professionals with the skills to automate the application development life cycle on secure & robust cloud infrastructure. Internships and short-term and long-term projects for students and their certification program bring them hands-on experience in their field. 

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