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Interior and insurance – How does it work?


Our house is our castle. A nice place to come home to after a hard day’s work. Enjoy eating, drinking, playing games and watching television with the whole family. The interior plays a major role in this. After all, you want to feel at home and this is best done when you are satisfied with your interior. We therefore spend a lot of money on a beautiful leather sofa, a matching carpet and many beautiful accessories to top it off.

An interior is often worth thousands of euros. But we often forget this and that is why the interior is not insured or is insured for a much too low value. This with all the harmful consequences that entails. But there are more insurance policies that are really a must if you have your own home. Below you will find more information about this. You can also be held liable for damage that you or a family member inflicts on others. You may then be dealing with a personal injury lawyer, for example a personal injury lawyer from Rotterdam Dutch: letselschade advocaat Rotterdam.

Or your dog bites someone who is visiting you. If the person bitten is injured as a result, you can be held liable by a personal injury lawyer in Amsterdam Dutch: letselschade advocaat Amsterdam.

The household insurance

Let’s dwell on the contents of the house. Often saved together over several years. This beautiful sofa that you have wanted for years and that you had finally saved up. Grandma’s antique lamp that you always loved and that she gave you. In addition to the emotional value, a lamp that has become worth a lot of money now that it is antique. There are many beautiful things that are part of your interior that represent a high value.

We don’t often think about it, but unfortunately burglaries happen regularly. In addition, it may also be the case that due to fire or water damage, your beautiful interior is worth less or even nothing at all. Damage is then caused and this can be considerable.

If you have household contents insurance, it will reimburse the damage caused by fire or water damage to your furniture with the correct cover. But often, even though there is home contents insurance, things still go wrong. This is because there may be under-insurance. An example. Suppose you have insured your household effects for a value of €50,000.00. A fire breaks out and your belongings are lost. However, the actual damage to your interior amounts to € 75,000.00. You will be left with a significant loss and as a result you will not be able to buy back the same furniture.

The home insurance

Another important insurance policy is home insurance. With this insurance you insure the house yourself. For example, because it is destroyed in a fire or because of damage caused by a storm or water damage. The contents insurance will then reimburse this damage. Also keep in mind that you are not underinsured. Otherwise you will be left with a loss. The house cannot be completely rebuilt or repaired and you will have to pay part of the damage from your own resources.

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