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We tell you everything you need to know about this very special day in a person’s life: from the origins of this celebration to a complete guide on how and what to give as a gift… keep reading to discover it


Origin of the birthday present

  • What to give on a birthday?
  • Why do we give gifts?

The Greeks had the conception that every person possessed a protective spirit present on the day of their birth that would accompany them throughout their lives. Thus they imposed the custom of cakes with lit candles, since on the day of the birthday they put on the altars of the gods a cake made with honey and round like the moon, which had lighted candles.

Even among friends it was a custom to give objects as a way of preserving friendship, a value of great importance both for ancient societies and for today. The act of giving was seen as the formation of a deep bond and also with a certain interest and self-benefit, because the exchange of wedding gift ideas supposed (and still does) that the person receiving the gift gave something in return to the person. , or do something in the future for it. 

But the big question remains, why do we give gifts? 

Beyond the tradition and history that we have just mentioned, gifts are, have been and will be a detail that we all like to receive. 

Giving a gift means thinking of the other, showing affection. It means that we take a moment of our day to look for something that the other person will like. Giving is a gesture that is always worth doing since it contains innumerable feelings.

Today, birthdays have become a time to celebrate with friends and family. It no longer has anything to do with spirits and gods, but with the simple fact of celebrating with our loved ones. 

The best birthday gift ideas is a custom very typical of our culture. We want our loved one to feel special on his day, to enjoy that date in which we remember his arrival in the world. A nice way to celebrate these days is by thinking of an original gift that will surprise the honoree and, above all, surround him with affection and joy throughout the day. Can’t you think of how to do it? We invite you to continue reading…

What to give on a birthday and how to celebrate with a loved one?

The first thing we have to understand is that no person is the same as another. Each of us has tastes, preferences and things that inspire us. Your goal is to understand what are those details that will surprise your honoree and what others we can avoid. 

For example… if you are planning to surprise him with breakfast in bed, it is always good to take into account the time in which the birthday person gets up, to avoid bad moods. Or, perhaps, if you’re thinking of a surprise party, you can make sure to only invite those people our honoree wants to party with. These details will make the celebration a success. 

Surprise him during the day: we all like to feel special on our birthday and there is nothing cuter than finding little surprises during the day. Many times birthdays fall on weekdays and the routine continues. Our goal is to break with that routine… but how? It’s very simple: we can send you a nice present at work (such as a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates), we can surprise you with a special lunch, balloons, a dedication or even a surprise visit during your free time. This will lift your mood and make the day special. 

Think carefully about your gift: there are many people who look forward to their birthday best gift 2022 and this can create a bit of pressure when choosing it. Don’t worry! We have a tip that never fails:When you are with this special person, we recommend that you take note of the things that they mention. Maybe he’s talking about something he saw and liked, or an activity he really wants to do, a book he wants to read etc… It seems silly, but we tend to talk about these things much more than we think. If we take a second to write them down in a notebook or even on our cell phone, the moment we want to give them away we will have many ideas, and not only that! You will show this person that you were really listening to them. It’s a doubly nice detail. For more advice on how to choose gifts from we recommend The perfect gift that everyone wants to receive

Purchased gift or handmade gift? One of the great dilemmas of birthdays is whether we opt for a purchased gift (those that we can get in any store) or if we prefer something handmade or handmade. Our advice is that the unique details are always those that are really worth it: a piece of handmade ceramics, a bouquet of flowers made especially for the birthday boy, something special that is only for him, that no one else has. These gifts express feelings and affection more than anything else and have a mark, an imprint of the hand that created it that is impossible to erase. 

Flowers, the gift that never fails: flower bouquets are a symbol of love for the person who receives them, a gesture that will last over time. The moment we give a flower arrangement as a gift, we are creating an unforgettable memory, a magical moment full of affection. Always keep in mind that each person is unique and their tastes are too. If you start to doubt when choosing the perfect bouquet, you can opt for a Gift-card . Let him choose what he likes the most. Did you know that each flower has a different meaning: meet some.

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