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How to Use Real Geeks to Get Real Estate Leads in 7 Steps


Real Geeks is an automated marketing solution that helps real estate agents and agencies get more leads, market more effectively and increase sales by tracking leads throughout the buying cycle. Real Geeks features conversion-optimized internet data exchange (IDX) website templates with lead capture forms, a robust customer relationship management (CRM) software and innovative advertising tools to help you generate more qualified leads.

Real Geeks is more affordable than the comparable lead generation and management tools and can be used by solo agents or larger real estate agencies. Find out more about how Real Geeks can help you get more real estate leads by visiting its website and checking out its online demo. Share useful tips like these and drive more traffic to your platform. Make the right decisions now to guarantee your success, buy website traffic.

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  1. Create a Real Geeks Dynamic IDX Website

Real Geeks’ affordable real estate lead generation platform helps you build an IDX website with the ability to customize the layout and contents quickly through conversion-centric landing page templates that are mobile-ready and search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly. This is critical because your website is the place where most buyers convert into leads while reviewing properties and finding information about the market.

Real Geeks easy-to-use and industry-specific templates also ensure that your website is designed to sell both the listing agent and the property. Even better, the service is priced at a bargain compared to other competitors in the same space.

Customize Your IDX Website

Most real estate agents are not website designers. The first step is making sure that your Real Geeks IDX website is fully customized using the easy editor to upload photos and customize the templates to fit your brand. The reality is that an innovative Real Geeks IDX website will allow you to easily edit almost all of the essential areas of the site with an intuitive interface.

The ability to adapt design features like the logo, search box, contact information, page layout, images, content, sidebars and blog give you the power to represent your agency without dragging through complicated codes or clunky programs. Real Geeks IDX websites are also mobile optimized so they will adjust automatically to display correctly on all types of devices.

Real Geeks IDX Website – real geeks

Example of Real Geeks IDX website.

Design Conversion Focused Landing Pages

Real Geeks takes care of lead capture with conversion-optimized landing pages. Real Geeks’ landing pages provide buyers with an opportunity to share their contact information with the agent in exchange for viewing a listing, getting a market report about a home or using a seller valuation tool.

  1. Prepare Your Social Media Presence for Traffic

Preparing your social media means making sure your social media channels are set up and ready to convert traffic into leads. You want to make sure that all of your social channels represent what you do adequately, attract your target audience with the right message and represent the types of properties you want to sell.

Here are two steps to prepare your social media presence for lead generation:

Set Up Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook page should be ready for your Real Geeks marketing and advertising efforts with up-to-date contact information, professional images that accurately represent your brand and enough biographical material to inspire trust in potential buyers. Do you have any relevant awards or certifications? Your Facebook page should mention these achievements.

If your Facebook information is out of date or you have not posted recently, then potential buyers and sellers might pass in favor of a more active real estate agent. Keep your information up to date and post new listings and open house information regularly to keep your followers engaged.

Ready Your Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are an essential part of convincing potential buyers and sellers to contact you. The reality is that 84 percent of people trust online reviews more than friends or family to give them an accurate picture of a product or service.

Here are some ways that you can build your online reviews and testimonials:

Build your positive reviews: Email some of your past clients with links to your social media and ask them for a review; your online profiles represent the place where your past clients can speak to future clients, so take advantage of it

Address the negative reviews: Just as positive reviews can be used to your advantage in social media, negative reviews give you the opportunity to address an issue with a reviewer and grow from the experience; address negative reviews as a customer support opportunity and try to right any wrongs

  1. Drive Traffic with Facebook Ads and PPC

Quality Facebook advertising makes it easy for you to get in front of buyers who are seeking a real estate agent and drive traffic to your Real Geeks IDX website. It might seem complicated to participate in online marketing due to a lack of knowledge, time or motivation. Real Geeks makes it simple to create advertising campaigns and fill your lead funnel with potential buyers and sellers.

Create Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Real Geeks’ built-in Facebook Marketing Tool can help you place ads within minutes on the social media channel without ever leaving the platform, which is a feature not found in many of its competitors. Using the detailed measurement and metrics included in the Facebook Marketing Tool, you can easily control your spending and see exactly which ads are converting to leads.

Launch Google AdWords PPC Advertising

The truth is an adequately executed Google AdWords campaign can be the backbone of your lead funnel by driving qualified traffic to your website. If you are not an expert in pay-per-click (PPC) or Google AdWords, then Real Geeks can help you set up and manage a lead-focused campaign for both desktop search results and mobile devices.

Additional Marketing Channels

Beyond paid advertising, you can also drive traffic through a few other online channels, with the help of Real Geeks. Don’t forget to make use of these online marketing channels:

Craigslist postings: Adding your listings to Craigslist through the Craigslist poster in Real Geeks increases exposure and click back to your website

Blog posts: With a Real Geeks built-in blog, you can create expert information easily and distribute content under your own brand to generate buyer confidence and leads

Email blasts: From open houses to new properties, Real Geeks helps you streamline your email blasts to stay connected to your buyers and engaged in the sales process

Combining your efforts can boost traffic to your website and translate into leads, so you want to make a plan for how you will send traffic to your new Real Geeks IDX website. If some of these advertising efforts are out of your comfort zone, then finding a freelancer that specializes in real estate marketing through an online platform like Fiverr can be helpful for outsourcing some marketing tasks.

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Real Geeks Advertising and Lead Capture – real geeks

Real Geeks advertising and lead capture.

  1. Follow & Track Leads Through Your CRM

Each lead that comes through your Real Geeks real estate website represents the payoff of your advertising dollars. Tracking your leads all the way to a sale or lost sale is vital to managing your marketing budget and estimating the return on your advertising investment.

Here’s how to manage your leads with Real Geeks:

Deploy the Robust Real Geeks CRM

There are plenty of ways you can track your leads through the buying cycle and through different agents in your office. These are the most important ways that Real Geeks CRM helps you track leads and make sales:

Assign hot, warm or cold lead labels: The Real Geeks tracking system helps you make note of conversations and levels of interest for each lead; this will help you stay on top of any details and prioritize leads based on interest

Assign to a specific agent: There are many reasons that a lead might need to be assigned to another agent, and the Real Geeks CRM allows you to transfer leads from one agent to another easily for proper tracking and streamlining of the follow-up process

Schedule reminders for follow-up: Real Geeks’ lead follow-up system increases engagement with clients to avoid missed sales, confusion among agents and inadequate tracking

Analyze user behaviors by views, favorites & saved properties: Being able to peer into this search results and saved favorites of a potential buyer can give you an advantage when showing a property; Real Geeks gives agents the ability to see client search results and their favorite properties for more in-depth insight into personal preferences and the enhanced capability to anticipate client expectations

Innovative search feature for audience & market segmentation: Customized search features in the Real Geeks lead database allow you to sort and follow-up with potential buyers; if you want to see buyers who have expressed interest in a particular location to inform them of a new listing, then the Real Geeks search feature delivers these results

Follow Up on Third-party Leads

Real estate agents often get leads from different sources including Zillow, Trulia and Real Geeks allows you to add your third-party leads through the CRM to use all of the innovative features to monitor, track and analyze each contact all the way through the pipeline.

Tracking and monitoring leads from third-party lead generation companies using Real Geeks through the sales development process is the only way to measure performance and return on investment for your marketing dollars. If you delay too long before contacting a lead, then they might find another agent or change their mind about buying or selling.

When a lead fills out a Real Geeks contact form, it starts a chain of events that sets up future expectations. When an agent initiates the first contact immediately, the stage is set for quick responses and the impression is positive. If a lead suddenly stops receiving emails or calls, then the buying cycle does not have time to develop, and the buyer feels cast off by the agent.

Real Geeks CRM Dashboard – real geeks

Real Geeks CRM dashboard.

  1. Capture More Leads with Real Geeks Integrated Forms

Real Geeks integrated forms give the visitor the ability to see specific search results, gain access to information and use different features in return for their contact information. Real Geeks forms are designed to capture a lead as they move through the high-conversion site.

Real Geeks feature forms show up whenever a visitor wants to access more than just surface information on the website. The purpose of feature forms is to capture contact information about the user as well as his or her search criteria and saved properties.

Real Geeks integrated forms capture leads in the following two ways:

Apply Real Geeks Market Reports Forms (Buyers)

In exchange for contact details through the Real Geeks market form, the user is given an opportunity to see enhanced listings with full pictures and information and save several search agents. This type of report is important because it takes into account the external factors a buyer might consider when searching for and purchasing a new home.

Utilize Real Geeks Property Valuation Tool Forms (Sellers)

The Real Geeks property value tool lead form focuses on alleviating the pain of sellers who want to know how much their home is worth in the current market. The Real Geeks property value tool allows sellers to look at their house and the marketplace to provide an estimate of a sale price in exchange for their contact details.

Real Geeks Lead Capture Form – real geeks

Real Geeks lead capture form.

  1. Increase Engagement with Quick Response & Drip Marketing Tools

Real Geeks quick response and drip marketing tools give the agent the ability to stay in touch with potential buyers all the way through the buying process. Real Geeks makes it simple to set up your email templates for welcome messages, new listings and communications without expending an excessive amount of time recreating every communication.

From the first contact to regular emails of listings, Real Geeks follow-up process is designed to maximize the impact of the communication for customer engagement and keep the connection strong over the lifecycle of the lead to close the deal. The Real Geeks quick response and drip marketing make the potential buyer or seller feel like you are there without eating up your time.

Create Drip Email Campaigns

Drip email campaigns ensure you are in regular contact with leads, so they are engaged continually. Many real estate agents resist sending emails for drip marketing campaigns because email programs can be time-consuming and difficult to maneuver, but Real Geeks allows you to create the email template, set the timeframe for delivery and let the drip marketing do the rest.

Real Geeks Drip Email Campaign Setup – real geeks

Real Geeks Drip Email Campaign Setup

Set Up Automation for Quick Responses

The Real Geeks automated quick response platform helps a real estate agent make a good impression and sets the pace for the conversation. Instead of sending an email, the agent can set up autoresponders, short messaging service (SMS) texts and lead triggers that respond immediately to a buyer or seller inquiry or action.

These features represent the best ways to respond quickly to leads:

Custom autoresponders: Autoresponders can be used to welcome a new contact, introduce a real estate agent or respond to a property inquiry. By tailoring the Real Geeks templates with images, content and branding information, you can stay connected in a personalized and efficient manner

SMS texts for buyer contact: The ability to connect with a buyer or seller through SMS texting means a quick response at the moment of inquiry; often, a Real Geeks SMS text will reach potential buyers or sellers before an email, so this type of communication sets the pace for the buying cycle

Round robins/agents trigger (idle lead reassignment): The Real Geeks idle lead reassignment alert triggers a warning if a lead is not answered by the appointed real estate agent in a certain amount of time and reassigns the lead to the next real estate agent in the queue; idle lead reassignment automates the process of responding to leads, so nothing falls through the cracks

Create Search Agents for Priority Clients (Hot Leads)

As a real estate agent, there are times when you want to give priority service to different potential buyers. With the ability to add search agents and specific properties to favorites through Real Geeks, you become a second set of eyes for a buyer.

For buyers who are not exactly computer friendly, building search agents and saving search preferences online improve their involvement in the buying process. This type of improved customer service increases satisfaction and gives buyers a feeling that you are participating in their experience.

Every minute you spend following up on a lead with a call, email or text is one more minute you are not showing a property or making a sale. It is crucial that your marketing be specifically laser focused in this area because you need the ability to move the buyer through the pipeline without spending hours doing it.

  1. Convert Prospects into Sales

Real Geeks boosts lead visibility and tracking from contact submission to sale, so leads stay engaged and nothing drops through the cracks in the sales process. The time that you spend with potential buyers and sellers only pays off when they sign on the dotted line. Increasing the number of leads that come into your agency gives you more opportunity to make a sale and close the deal.

More than that, excellent customer service and quick responses can turn each customer into a referral. People who buy or sell a house know people who will buy or sell a home, so each customer is a potential new lead resource.

The Bottom Line

Real Geeks gives real estate agents the power of a high conversion IDX website that invites visitors to become homeowners by encouraging buyers to contact the agent, using strong advertising practices to drive traffic, employing marketing to stay engaged until the sale, tracking leads through the pipeline and refilling the sales funnel consistently. Real Geeks is the real estate marketing and lead generation solution that can increase sales and conversions.

Continually filling your lead funnel with potential buyers and sellers means that you always have a generous amount of opportunities to close a deal. Find out more about the dynamic Real Geeks lead generation solution today.

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