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How to send luggage/ parcel between Vietnam and Australia and procedure


When you return to Australia after a working holiday or study abroad, you must send the baggage that you cannot carry by international flight. Alternatively, you may want Vietnamese products to be sent to you during your stay in Australia, or you may send only the luggage you do not use while traveling to another country on your way back to Vietnam. “While you can check out property platforms such as Liviti to find a place if needed, you would still need to ship your items.

Before you send goods to Australia (gửi hàng đi Úc), you should find out what you can send there. Various products and materials are prohibited in Australia. We will explain what kind of services are available for sending packages and parcels from Vietnam to Australia and from Australia to Vietnam, along with a comparison of their prices and sizes and items prohibited from being brought into Australia.

Send a package to Australia the cheapest way.

When shipping with Athena, you will have discounts of up to 30% on orders. In addition, you will have the guarantee and quality offered by carriers. This comparator only takes three steps to ship an order to Australia online. First, you must fill in the form with the data of origin, destination, weight, and package measures, and then choose the transport company that best suits your needs, then prices and services. Finally, you will have to choose the payment method between credit card and Paypal.

Athena offers a customer support telephone, an email, and a live chat to provide a complete service.

Advantages of performing with Athena

Having the best carriers on the market makes sending urgent, fast, economical, standard, fragile, or heavy orders easy. The customer only has to choose the option that suits him best at any given moment.

When you simulate the Athena website, you will see how easy it is to take advantage of a specialist parcel service for Australia.

Recommendations for sending parcels to Australia:

You should know the customs rules if you’re send goods to Australia (gửi hàng đi Úc). The country is famous for its high-security level and tight customs regulations. If you’re shipping to Australia, you need to pay attention to these laws and ensure that your items are safe and sound during the entire process. There are various ways to ship goods to Australia, but you should know the limitations and regulations before you ship your items to the country.

  • Pack the order well, protecting it against possible unforeseen circumstances on the way.
  • Weigh and measure the package correctly.
  • Check the Athena comparator to see how much it costs to ship a package to Australia.
  • Do not submit prohibited or illegal articles and avoid too fragile content without being well protected.
  • Hire the service that most satisfies you at all times.
  • Take advantage of Athena promotional coupons.
  • If you have to fill in any form, we will advise you throughout the process.
  • Have the packaging and documents, if necessary, on hand when the mail arrives at your home.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
  • And don’t worry! Your order cannot be in better hands!

Conclusion Remark 

You should check with the recipient to determine their requirements before shipping. For example, sending medicines isn’t a good idea unless approved for use in a hospital. Moreover, Australian Customs enforces strict quarantine rules, so you shouldn’t ship drugs or hazardous items to the country.

When send goods to Australia (gửi hàng đi Úc), you should ensure that they meet the specific guidelines. You should check if there are any restrictions for specific products. You must also check the customs regulations to ensure that the items you’re shipping are safe. In general, the Australian border force will not allow the shipment into the country if it contains asbestos. You can ask the receiver’s customs office about these rules to ensure that your goods are not prohibited.

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