How to Learn Portuguese While Traveling

The best way you can choose to learn Portuguese for beginners is to listen to yourself. It may sound a little transcendent, but it works with any new language. Some prefer traditional methods, which means learning grammar, memorizing vocabulary before they start, or can speak Portuguese. As a rule, they need more time to develop their speaking skills, but it’s worth it. Very soon, a person who chooses the classical way to learn Portuguese understands a lot, including works of literature. We’d like to talk about some not traditional ways of learning.

Therefore, it is necessary to take Portuguese classes to learn the language on the go, and one of the most effective methods to do so is Preply. Let’s see what we can do differently as we travel and learn this fantastic language.

Know Where the Language Comes From

Portuguese and Spanish belong to the branch of the Romance languages ​​called Western Iberian. It includes many variants and dialects that all speakers understand to a certain extent. Examples are Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, dialects of Spanish spoken in the Americas, and Andalusian Spanish. However, although closely related, Portuguese and Spanish differ in many details of their phonology, grammar, and vocabulary. The most apparent differences are in pronunciation. Mutual intelligibility tends to be more relevant in written language than spoken language.

How to Learn Portuguese While Traveling

How to learn Portuguese if you are still practically zero? How long will it take to study this beautiful language? No matter your linguistic skills, the language takes a lot of time. The thing is that traveling to Brazil or Portugal can help with that. We will see how you can boost your Portuguese skills while being on the road with your partner or friends.

Learn The Basics at Home

Before learning a language while traveling, you need to be prepared. Take a look at the study books and start learning the basics. Remember that a person must know the grammar and some vocabulary. No matter how excellent you’re at the language right now, the more words you know, the more manageable it will be to study to find a person to talk to.

Locals also want to have a structured conversation with a person who can discuss cultural matters. That is why to study at home first and then get a ticket to a Portuguese speaking country.

Get a Local Portuguese Teacher

To learn Portuguese, you need to study vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening, which many online programs fail to do. While traveling to your dream country, think forward and find a language school there. We know that it can be challenging to navigate such issues through the Internet, but some schools and applications can help you find a proper teacher.

You can try Preply or some other apps that connect tutors with teachers, and you also can do that on the road. Just check the website and get a trial session, where you can see whether a teacher suits you or not. You can get an offline teacher, too – contact the local educational centers and ask for a tutor. The help will arrive immediately!

Don’t Forget to Study on Road

Are you traveling in a van? It is not an excuse to stop studying the language. You can drive while listening to Portuguese music or an audiobook sitting next to the ocean. The choice of learning and not understanding the language is always yours, no matter whether you are traveling or not. It is all in your hands now, so start making the best out of your time.

To Wrap It Up

Learning this language can be a great idea to reconnect with distant relatives living in this great country or solely enjoy the landscapes and culture. If you don’t have a family there, you can visit all the beautiful places Portugal offers.

Learning Portuguese while traveling is an excellent opportunity to know the language and the culture of people who have been living in the area. The language might be helpful for business travels and private matters. Start learning Portuguese now while traveling and get new knowledge and pleasure as much as possible!

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