How to Get Organised for a House Move

Moving out of your current house or even a rental can be rather overwhelming even for the most organised people. There are numerous things to think about prior to moving day and stuff to prepare so that the day would go stress-free and seamless. Between decluttering, deep cleaning, packing boxes and organising your mail, you may find yourself buried in so many tasks that there is a high possibility you might forget something. That is why it is important to take the job seriously and create a plan to follow. There is nothing wrong with writing things down on a piece of paper (your phone notes will do the job as well if you are not a fan of paper) so that you can be reminded of what you have left to do.

Here at We Buy Any House, we have created a useful guide to help you stay organised, prepared and keep track of your progress so that it is as breezy as possible.

1.    Decide How You Will Move

Probably one of the first things you should consider is how you are going to move your possessions. Whether you hire a moving company to help you and do the job for you or you decide to move yourself will depend on several things such as how far away your new home is, how much stuff you have and do you have furniture which can pose a difficulty if you are to move by yourself. Bear in mind that unless you have a car or another way of transportation, you might end up taking multiple trips with an Uber that can cost you a lot as well so you could potentially think about how much the difference is between using Uber and hiring professional help. What’s more, you could even hire a company to do both the packing and moving bit for you.

2.    Create a List

Everything overwhelming is better accomplished with a comprehensive to do list. Everything, no matter how small or big, should go onto that list because between all the obvious things you might forget something that is just as important. For instance, you may have everything ready for the move, all your things packed nicely into boxes, but you find yourself unable to move your pet, for example, because you either packed their carrier bag or you do not have one. So, it really is little things like that which can make your moving day a stressful and chaotic experience.

3.    Get Moving Essentials

One of the first things to do prior to the start of your packing process is get all the essential supplies such as moving boxes and tape. Most of the things you may need, there is a chance you already have in your house, but it is always worth checking beforehand. That pair of scissors you remember having may be too floppy or broken so it will save you a lot of trouble if you stock up on some new stationary items. Beside the obvious items we mentioned above, there are a few other not so obvious ones which are just as important. An overnight bag with change of clothes, PJs, cosmetics and toiletries is going to be very useful once you are in the new place because you do not want to be digging these things from the mountains of boxes. Some cleaning supplies could also help you to deep clean your old home before moving out.

4.    Notify Utility Companies

Dealing with the more office side of the move can be a bit frustrating and confusing as it does not depend solely on you but other companies as well. Changing your address on your bank account, notifying utility companies about the move or closure of account and providing last meter readings are some of the few things you must do before the big day. Keeping a list of who you have completed and who is left is also vital here as you may get overwhelmed with final bills and forms, especially if it is at the last minute. Do not forget to forward your mail to your new home as well.

5.    Pack, Pack, Pack

Now that you have organised yourself, it is time to start packing your things carefully. Declutter beforehand, get rid of items you do not need and make sure you label everything. Categorisation is also vital and will help you massively when you are unpacking everything.

Having followed all the steps and regularly going back to your list will keep you updated and prepared ahead of time. No matter how overwhelming it may get, knowing that you have prepared for it will make this process much easier and stress-free.

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